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Embellishing Furniture for a New Look

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Fabric square tied onto chair back.

There are inexpensive ways to change the appearance of your furniture. This guide is about embellishing furniture for a new look.



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Question: Decorating Old Furniture

We had our living room furniture recovered in 1986. It is wearing in some places now and probably would not have lasted this long if it was not for the fact that the material was top of the line. We are having our house renovated so cannot see our way clear to recover the furniture right now. Any tips for temporary fussing up of the furniture without just throwing a blanket over it?

Bev Sobkowich


Most Recent Answer

By mildred ruckert09/10/2004

Hello, we once had a women demonstrate how to repair holes in clothes by taking threads from side seams and reweaving the spot that was damaged. then one of our sisters went home and took threads from the backof her sofa and repaired worn spots on the front arms of her sofa. you can't tell where she repaired it. you would use a long needle used to do beadwork and weave like you darn a sock . leave the threads longer then the worn spot and cut them off when your project is done . hope this helpful . it's time consuming but free. Millie

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