Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

My dog has severe skin allergies and the medication is getting quite expensive. Is it safe to give my dog over the counter Zyrtec? I tried Benadryl and it did not work. He does not have fleas. He is treated with Frontline. Can you please answer my question as soon as possible?



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Please read the information archived below. I suggest you call his vet's office and ask them, just to be sure. If it is okay to give, there might be different dosages for different sized dogs; they can refer to his chart and give you the best advice. Best of luck, I hope he's feeling better soon!

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Please don't give your dog any medications without checking with your vet. Human meds respond very differently in dogs than they do people and you very well might kill your dog. Hopefully your vet can answer your question over the phone and without charging you. But again, please don't give your dog any human meds without checking it out!

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Please talk to your vet about doing this for the reasons already mentioned!

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First, dump the frontline. That is a poison afte rall. Diet is the cause of the allergies probably. No grocery store pet food. Bet what you are feeding , first ingredient is corn. Your dog is not a bird. Special pet supply, decent pet food with no corn wheat or soy. You can always cook. Several days a week good idea to give raw diet. See internet. Spread dry borax in all carpet and your pets bed. Fleas will be greatly diminished. Is your yard infested with fleas? Build immune system. Better than poison. No human medications. Could kill your pet.

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Agree with so many others here on not going through with the Zyrtec ( and disagree with the poster suggesting the use of borax, please read the info on this link):

Generally, if the dog is itching and uncomfortable, he's also licking himself all over. The possibility of ingesting borax would be too chancy for me. Depending upon the size of your dog, even just five grams of borax can be lethal if ingested.

A few years back, we had a shelter rescue who came to us with severe skin allergies at four months ( and sadly lived only to be a year and a half). We actually ended up changing vets when we found one who realized that this poor dog had several issues going on that all had to be individually treated in order to provide him some comfortable quality of life. (He had been exposed to pesticides before we got him and also had multiple food allergies--and in the end, cancer).

If your vet is hitting a brick wall and can't seem to help him. Please consider a second or third opinion. Also, in our case, the second vet had no problem prescribing generic meds that were a fraction of the cost incurred with the first vet, and picked up on more physical problems that the first vet completely overlooked.

Hugs to you. We know firsthand how hard it is to watch a loved pet suffer.

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Benadryl, dosed very carefully and properly, is a perfectly safe OTC effort for allergies. In many cases, it works just fine and reduces or fixes the issues. I've had 2 wonderful Vets in my dog's lifetime, both prescribed OTC Benadryl for seasonal allergies as well as a sensitive stomach. She's a Weim and has some breed specific issues that Benadryl has done wonders for. There have been a couple of extreme cases where very short term use of steroids was in order. Do try to get away from foods that have corn and artificial colorings, as they can make allergies much worse.

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I would ask your vet, that seems risky to me.

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I had tried everything else for my dog's allergies including Benadryl. Nothing worked for her except Zyrtec, I buy the Walmart or Kroger generic. She does great.

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My dog a 185 lbs Saint Bernard was licking his paws raw and scratching everywhere. I tried everything out there including trying to find another food thinking his food could be the cause. My vet told me to give him Zyrtec and he stopped licking. Do not give your dog Zyrtec D that will hurt your dog. Just the Zyrtec. Again my vet told me to give zyrtec and it works. I give him one 10 mg tablet in the morning and if he starts to lick his paws at night I may give him one more. Good luck and enjoy your pets.

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I have a 6 year old mastiff mix with chronic Atopic dermititis. It's pereneal which means he is bad all year. I have tried everything known to man..The benadryl does not work for him. After consulting with a holisting vet I dedide to try a few herbs and medicinal things. Some worked some did not.

This is what is working so far, I am giving him a table spoon of cold pressed coconut, a teaspoon of pure fish oil, and two zyrtec. I do this twice daily with his food. Please research cold pressed coconut, I buy mine organic from the vitamin shoppe, has to be cold pressed it has lauric acid which helps with immflamation.

Also, I feed a no grain diet but he has no food alllergies. Just wanted to note that. He had a full allergy test and his are fleas, every tree in the eastern sea board, dust mites, smoke...poor baby he lost all his hair this summer and he is finally growing it back and I say its the supplement of coconut and the fish oil.

His regular vet prescibed the zyrtec my mastiff is 90 pounds and he is taking 20 mg 2 times a day. His quality of life has improved significantly in a six week time frame. I hope you all find a solution sometimes you have to try different things. But please always consult your vet when giving human medications to your fur babies.

Just a note, for dogs with atopic dermititis please no air freshners, no plug ins, no window blinds that can accumulate dust, no rugs. And last but never least, invest in a good air purifier...average $150 homedepot for a good one. There is hope its just a commitment. Good luck.

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Why do people insist on posting on messages boards when they have no idea what they are talking about? This original poster is scared for the health of their pet. They don't need your opinion or gut feeling, they need a solid answer. Obviously they know they can go to the vet, but they posted hoping for someone that had actually tried what they were suggesting. It is just ridiculous to have to sift through 100 opinions before you get to answer.

That being said, just yesterday my pup (9 month old Golden Retriever) began to seem a bit off... not as excitable as usual and just overall bored with everything. She sleeps with me and in the middle of the night we both woke up and it was clear something wrong. She began pressing her nose into my hand and acting very strange - her nose was running and everytime I would take my hand away she would draw it near. I grabbed a flash light and tried to check out her throat and nose for any visible signs... and there was nothing but I realized that she was very receptive to me trying to open her mouth to look.. way too receptive in fact so I opened it again and realized she was trying to stretch her jaw... almost looked like she was trying to pop her ears.

So long story... well ... long, she was very uncomfortable, and something was wrong. I freaked out and immediately called a friend that owns a vet clinic. She comforted me and- without looking at the dog assessed from what I had told her that it was probably most likely allergies - as I could see no foreign body present and she appeared to just have a deep throat, nose or ear or all- itch. She told me, to my initial disbelief that I could give Lucy up to 10mg of Benedryl.

So I frantically began digging through my medicine cabinets and came up short. I was upset cus I didn't want her to have to suffer the remainder of the night until I could get some, and that's when I noticed I did have 10mg Zyrtec. I asked the vet and with a big exclamation point she relayed that I could indeed give my pup the Zyrtec and that it would help her comfortably sleep as well. I was a bit unsure but trusted her judgement. I broke the 10mg pill in half and fed both halves to her in 2 pieces of cheese.

I kid you not, not 15 minutes later she tilted her head up from the bed to where I was sitting at the computer and had her usual "what are you up to" expression on her face that I that I was ecstatic to see. She almost immediately looked better and eventually drifted off to sleep in peace.

So there you have it. As I dont claim it will work for every dog, I do assure you that up to 10mg of benedryl or zyrtec is perfectly ok to give your pup. Perhaps just for safeties sake, if you do have a much smaller breed, stick to 5mg and go from there.

I hope this helps - lord knows we all just love our pets to death, and I hope that yours is feeling better.

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I have a male weeny dog who is turning 10 this year. This past fall or a little longer ago, he started getting so congested that he was breathing out of his mouth and getting these scabby pus welts all over his belly.

I took him to the vet, and they said he has allergies, and to pinpoint exactly what kind it'll cost an arm and two legs. So, they prescribed a bunch of stuff along with shampoos and changed his food. I bought a humidifier and changed the filter in the furnace. None of the medicines have worked, and I gave him Benadryl with the vet's knowledge. It was working for a few weeks, but now nothing is working.

So I bought Zyrtec and was wondering if it's safe, or is there anything else that can be done for my little guy. He is 16 pounds. I swear I have a box of tissues in every room. What can I do about his congestion problem? He's miserable along with me. So please help. His skin is getting a lot better. I just want him to breath better.


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Depending on where you live, if there is a veterinary university nearby, they may help with taking care of your pup. Sort of like going to a hospital that is a teaching area for medical schools.

Best of luck to you and your pup.

Try searching online for 'over the counter medications that are safe to give dogs'---I do that often for our dogs and goats.

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I have a Wheaten Terrier who has allergies also. He weighs fifty pounds and takes one generic Clariden tablet daily and generic Benedryl up to four times a day, as needed, at the suggestion of his vet. Adjust these medications according to your pets weight.

If your dog also has skin problems, swab the itchy areas with a fragrance-free baby wipe when he comes inside. This may be an allergy to grass or mold outside. Oatmeal shampoo is soothing, make sure there is no fragrance added.

Otherwise, make sure that your vet checks him to make sure there are no secondary infections which may require an antibiotic. Also, I was told that dogs with skin allergies tend to have food allergies too. A kibble without wheat or corn may help also.

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I had a cairn terrier with many allergies. For his skin allergies I changed his diet to brown rice and canned salmon (bones and skin and all; they need it for the calcium and fat). This worked for him and he lived to be 17 without any further difficulty.

My friends wiener dog was allergic to lawn fertilizer. His belly would break out every spring. They or the Vet did not know what was causing it. I suggested they change to organic fertilizer and voila.... not more scratching and biting. They had gone so far as to put a muzzle on the poor little guy to stop the biting. Now he is 100%.

I have not had much experience with nasal allergies. Look for patterns in your dogs allergies. This helped me to figure out what was going on. Also you might try an air cleaner in you home. They remove allergens that are in the air. But it is a real mystery sometimes to try and find out what the culprit is. Don't give up and best of luck to you.

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Does Zyrtec effect dog's liver and kidneys?

By Ragtopsallie

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It shouldn't unless there's something already wrong with your dog's liver and kidneys.

If your dog has severe liver or kidney disease, Zyrtec might not be right for the dog.

If your dog does not have bad liver or kidneys, Zyrtec should be okay.

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Has anyone given their dogs Zyrtec for allergies? Has it helped? I have a Chu/Terrier mix that itches and licks himself like crazy. He is on a holistic dog food of Duck and Potato. Benadryl does nothing but make him grumpy and tired. He tries to bite.

mom of 2


Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

You can try Chlorpheniramine 4mg tablets (name is Chlortabs at Walmart). Give 1/2 tablet by mouth every 12 hours. Works best if you give it with a dog Omega Fatty Acid Supplement. I haven't tried Zyrtec with dogs, I am not sure if it is safe for them. (02/14/2008)

By junebug_000

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

You might also try a good (human) medicated shampoo like Denorex. This cured our beagle. Poor guy was just itchy! (02/14/2008)

By Jilson

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

We use benadryl, and the vet gave us a lotion to put on and this is working wonders. It is fantastic! (02/15/2008)

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

Our health food store has a whole line of healthy pet alternatives. They could probably even recommend natural allergy things that won't have unhealthy side effects. Hopefully you have a health food store with knowledgeable employees. Hope you can find a solution soon! (02/15/2008)

By velsgal

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

Try looking up for advice with pet and people problems. Personally, I would try to detox your dog with some dandelion root powder, and then add some good omega three type oils--also, skin problems are often the result of digestive upset--try dog friendly probiotics to get things working properly. Has he ever had antibiotics, and did the symptoms begin after a vaccination? (02/15/2008)

By Gina J.

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

My vet recommended claritin. We do the generic and it works great! My dog is 50 lbs and she takes one tablet a day. (02/15/2008)

By Julie

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

I wouldn't give an animal any medication that was made for humans without first checking with my vet. Many medications for people are toxic for pets. (02/15/2008)

By Maryeileen

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

Yes, a dog can take Zyrtec. We checked with our Beagle's vet and he could take 2 x 10mg tablets daily provided they did not contain pseudoephedrine. But CHECK WITH YOUR VET FIRST. (03/17/2008)

By Jacqueline

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

Glad to read that Zyrtec and other prescription allergy meds are safe for some dogs. We have a 100 lb. 17year old Akita who has terrible allergies when the aspen trees start leafing out. She has runny eyes, scratches until she bleeds and generally looks terrible. We tried chloraminiphone, benadryl and she looked stoned all the time: listless and sleepy. I gave her a 10 mg. zyrtec this evening and couldn't sleep because I was worried it would hurt her. Vets up here in Colorado would charge $500 or more for the same info. Any other suggestions? (04/21/2008)

By vail doggie

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

Our vet suggested 2 10mg zyrtec pills each day for skin allergies in Colorado. After giving him the first one, we noticed how tired he got, so we only give him one at bedtime. His skin looks so much better. We buy the generic version at Sam's. (08/28/2008)

By ElaineF

Using Zyrtec For a Dog With Allergies

I found this article to be reassuring that you can safely give this medication to dogs, though it appears the results may vary. (10/02/2008)

By Allyson

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