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Pattern for Old Fashioned Sunbonnet

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Can anyone please send me a pattern of the old Sunbonnets they wore long ago. Like the ones on Little House on The Prairie? The cost to buy one is unreal. Could someone with the pattern please kindly send me the directions. Thanks!

Kay from Clyde, TX



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By Nancy10/28/2009

I found this pattern and it is an easy one. Sounds just like what you want. Go to ... nbonnet-in-Less-Than-Two-Hours.aspx.

By aitkin (Guest Post)11/26/2007

If you enter bandana bonnets (was on the site earlier this year) on thrifty's website it brings up lots of options for pioneer bonnets. Hope this helps.

By Marty Dick [163]11/26/2007

One of the vintage pattern sites might have one. During the Hollie Hobbie craze (c 1970s) there was a pattern for little girls which you could enlarge on a copier. Try The person who runs it is Allison Ray. She will respond to emails and might be able to help you find one if she doesn't have it on hand.

By Tina Brown [5]11/25/2007

I did a search and found this site:
I also found a place where you can purchase one for 17.00.

Hope this helps.

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