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Bugs Eating Herbs

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How do I keep those yucky green bugs and other bugs from chomping away at my beautiful spearmint, mentha and basil plants? Breaks my heart to find out in the morning all those fresh green leaves have been eaten away. I can't keep my cats away from the garden so I can't use any heavy duty agents.




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By Marika [2]04/26/2009

I suggest you buy lady-bugs if you have any garden store near your house. Lady bugs eat those small green-colored bugs, which are called aphids. Hope l helped, and good luck! ;)

RE: Bugs Eating Herbs

By Kim Churchman [3]06/29/2007

I have had good luck with floating row covers, gauzy white fabric that lets in light and air and weighs nothing on the plants, but fences out the cooties.

By Babette [33]06/28/2007

I have been organically gardening for over 20 years. The best insect control having chickens, but I have found Spinosad (Green Light) - it is totally organic and it only kills chewing insects. For the 1st time I do not have aphids on my Brussels sprouts, banana peelings work on Roses and on other things for aphids but not the Brussels sprouts, I handpick things in the front yard and bring to the chickens. I have no snails because I have killer snails. Since I've been using the Spinosad
I had virtually eliminated all my bug problems. It works on whitefly caterpillars, loppers, grasshoppers, you name it. You just have to be careful that if youre raising butterflies not to spray those particular plants.


I wish I knew what bugs you have (aphids perhaps?)....I've never had a problem with bugs eating mint or basil. They're usually pretty bug free. Aphids however will attack just about anything under the right conditions.

The first thing I'd do is try to get the problem under control. If the bugs are large enough, hand pick them off and drop them into a bucket of soapy water (early morning or evening is the best time to do that), or use an insecticidal soap (not harmful to people or animals - can even be homemade).

If the bugs are aphids, some people suggest a gentle stream of water from the hose to knock them off (which is also supposed to help drown them), but I've never had much luck with that method. I usually end up using insecticidal soap at regular intervals where aphids are a serious problem.

I really don't have any other advice to offer without knowing what the bugs are. Good luck.

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