Toning Down Dyed Hair

If the dyed color of your hair is stronger than you expected, you may want to adjust it. This guide is about toning down dyed hair.


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I dyed my hair in the beginning of this month, and I wanna know how long will it take to fade all the way out, or to start fading? Is there any way I can make it start fading myself?

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Wash your hair everyday with a clarifying shampoo, or any shampoo that is not for colored hair.

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I dyed my hair permanent black and it's too dark. I want to dye it to dark brown. What can I do?

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You cannot apply brown hair color to hair previously colored black and get a brown shade. There are warm tones underneath the black tint. You can lift just enough of the black tint to make these warm tones more apparent.

This can be done at home in as little as half an hour and without a lot of expense. All that is required is a professional hair color remover diluted to half the regular strength and left on the hair for half the usual time. There are two musts. You must familiarize yourself with proper usage of the color remover and you absolutely must do a strand test first! Only a strand test will tell you the exact amount of time required to achieve the desired results.

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I recently dyed my hair on my own at home and I want it to be somewhat more lighter then it is now. Does anyone know if I went to a salon if they would be able to make it lighter although I just dyed it a few days ago?

By Anna from MO

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You may not know that you can request a consultation with a hair stylist. If you do not know a stylist, a good salon is the best place to start. The stylist will evaluate your hair's current condition and recommend alternatives for you to consider. The stylist may require payment for the service but it would be worth having a trained and qualified specialist's recommendations.

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Will Oops restore my old shade after I applied too much Glam highlights from L O'real?
Thank you for your help.

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My hair is naturally almost black with gray mixed in. I wanted a dark blond to tone down the gray. It turned out dark with a red hue to it. I used a dark blond color, I'm wondering if I highlight my hair using an ash blond will it tone down the red and lighten my hair.

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It might help you to know that black hair does not contain only black pigment. If you were to change your hair color from black to near white, bleaching would be required. The bleach would first remove the black pigment, Next the brown pigment, then red brown, then red, then red gold, then gold, then yellow, then pale yellow. After the palest yellow shade was achieved, then a toner such as Clairol's White Beige or Roux's Ultra White Minx would be applied to bring the pale yellow up to the near white/ white color.

As you have just learned, a dark blond color did not give you the desired results. All 'regular' permanent colors, with the exception of black and blue/jet black, have a slight lifting (bleaching) action. This slight lifting action removed some of the near black pigment in your hair, revealing some of the natural dark red brown pigment. I seriously you got any noticeable coverage of the grey hair.

You can probably guess by the above information that highlighting your hair with an ash blond color will not solve your problem. As a matter of fact, it will make it worse. The light ash blond will have, though slight, even more lifting action than the dark blond previously applied. More than likely, you would end up with a strange, and even redder color. Couple that with the fact that ash blond colors have a green base, you more than likely would end up with a strange, dark reddish/ greenish color.

I don't know why you chose a dark blond to tone down your grey, unless perhaps you were thinking the colored grey would appear as highlights. A better choice would have been for you to have applied a color that closest matched you natural hair color.

Assuming that your hair is darkest brown, even a darkest brown 'regular' permanent color will have a very slight lifting action, though you may not see any reddish tones til after several shampoos.

Without seeing your hair, I cannot tell you what would be best in your case. My first suggestion would be to recolor your hair, using a color that closest matches your natural color. BUT, do not use a regular color, because as stated above, they have a slight lifting action. Be sure to use a color that has NO lifting action. Check a Clairol Second Nature color chart to see if you find a color close to your natural color, as this line of color has no lifting action.

1. DO NOT apply an ash blond color to your hair.

2. After you have chosen a no lift color you think best matches your natural color, mix a small amount with developer according to package instructions and apply to a small strand of hair in an inconspicuous area and allow to develop the full required amount of time. This strand test will show what the end results will be when applied to the entire head.

It may be that using the above method will put your hair back to a color that closely resembles your natural color, however, do not expect it to be a perfect match. It could well be though, that the color will be one you really like. Good luck!

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April 13, 2010 Flag
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I dyed my hair and it turned out too red. How can I tone it down without doing too much damage to my hair?

By Marion from Sioux Lookout, Ontario

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Prell or dandruff shampoo will assist color fading faster. Take some Prell shampoo and apply it throughout out your hair, leave it on for 45 minutes, then rinse it out with warm water. Use a conditioner after you're done rinsing the shampoo out.

Here's another tip: Hot oil treatments will also help to strip chemically.

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I know they say to only ever go one or two shades lighter/darker, but I was stupid and wanted dark brown hair. However the store bought hair dye turned out to be practically black! I haven't dyed it for a good 6 months and my roots aren't really showing and the colour is still dark.

So I used Colour B4 which is a hair dye remover. When I first did it, I loved it. It was a nice dark auburn and at least 2 shades lighter than it was. But now a week later it's gone dark again. I have read all about vitamin C tablets mixed with anti-dandruff shampoo to lighten it, so unless there are any better home remedies I will try that.

The box of hair dye remover was 12 pounds a box and I don't want to do it again just to waste 12 pounds. Please help. I do not want to bleach it because I love my luscious wavy thick hair which I am surprised I still have because of all the dying I have done before.

By EmaN

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I would go to a professional hair stylist for that one!

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Recently I wanted to dye my hair darker so I used a store bought box and the color turned out way too dark. Because of this I wanted to start over and go back to my normal color so I used a Color Oops and then used a box that was the color my normal hair was. It turned out being way too dark again.

I want to go to a salon to get my hair lightened a little bit, but I don't want to really damage my hair. I was told that my hair would lighten considerably since I'd darkened my hair from a much lighter color. I'm very impatient and want to go to a salon within the next week, but if there is another way to lighten my hair that would be great.

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January 17, 2015 Flag
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What can I do to fix my orange/yellow hair?

By Marge from Brandon, FL

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I have done this a few times and the first thing I did was wash my hair in powdered Tide... several times to lighten the color. Not really good on hair but it will help lighten the color somewhat.

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How do I tone down red hair dye? I have gone for a different dye, as my usual one wasn't stocked. Now it is too bright and looks gingery.

By Lisa from England

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I always used a medium to dark Auburn, but accidentally purchased light auburn which came out bright Red (At least to me it was too bright). I called Clairol, explained exactly what I used and she suggested a fix for me. Call them or the number on the box of the hair dye you used. They were really helpful.

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I recently colored my gray hair with Just For Men and it came out a little too dark. What is the simplest way to now lighten it a little?

By Bob

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When I want to lift color I use Neutrogena shampoo. It takes off extra hair conditioner etc. so it works good to remove extra color. Just use it once or twice. It is more gentle on the hair so it won't affect the hair texture or make it dry or straw like. A little goes a long way and it will last a long time for you. Good luck. Linda

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I dyed my hair a reddish brown and it turned out more red. How can I lighten it so it's not as red? My natural color is blonde.

By Summer

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My hair is auburn naturally so this is what I do for light auburn:

There are 5 Tbsp. in the color bottle, so I use the following ...

3 1/2 Tbsp of Nice N Easy #103

1 1/2 Tbsp of Nice N Easy #110 and its the color that I want. If I want a little lighter I add a bit more of the 103 & a little less of 110 in the activator. This is what the people at Clairol told me to do. Good Luck

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