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Aspirin For Bug Bites

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A dissolved aspirin in a little spray bottle is an excellent antidote for bug bites.

By Teresa from Vine Grove, KY



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Archive: Aspirin For Bug Bites

For those people who get bit by bees, mosquitoes and any other bugs, make a paste of aspirin and water and put on bite. Voila! The itch and swelling goes away immediately.

P.S. For red ant bites use Vicks vapor rub.

By Artplus from Upper Jay, NY

RE: Aspirin For Bug Bites

Wouldn't the aspirin absorb into your skin? (09/18/2009)

By Cosy

RE: Aspirin For Bug Bites

Never tried, always used baking soda paste. (09/23/2009)

By kghsave