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Too Much Pepper in Chili

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What can I use to tone down the effect of too much white pepper in my chili?

By Pat from Vista, CA


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By Susan Meadors [3]02/09/2010

My daughter and son-in-law keep yogurt or buttermilk in their refrigerator to take the heat out of Indian food. I wonder if adding a dollop or two of sour cream to the chili would have the same affect.

By Shirley [1]02/09/2010

Add a little bit of brown sugar. That will take it away and give a rich flavor too.
Shirley golden7673 AT

By Melony Watkins02/09/2010

I would just throw some rice or noodles in there and that will take some of the pepper taste away.

By kathleen williams [23]02/09/2010

Add some lemon juice & corn, chicken gravy also helps, good luck.

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