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Cleaning Business Price List

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I'm trying to find a list of prices for cleaning individual rooms. I would also like prices for cleaning the stove, refrigerator, cupboards, toilet, bathtubs, etc. Does anyone have a price list for cleaning apartments after someone moves out? Thank you.

By DeeDee from Muskegon, MI


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By elle [2]02/05/2010

I own a duplex that I rent and I use prices from my state's Apartment Owners' Association. I give the list to my tenants when they move out so thay know what each uncleaned item will cost them in unreturned deposit dollars. For example, to clean a self-cleaning stove inside and out is $25. Saves me a lot of time re-cleaning the apartments when they turn over!

By PENNY K [15]02/02/2010

Call local cleaning services and ask for their price list.
Or call apartment complexes in your area and ask what they pay.

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