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Removing Sulfur Smell from a Well Water System

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Faucet running in a kitchen that uses well water.

Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, but sometimes it can have a strong, unpleasant sulfur odor. This is a guide about removing sulfur smell from a well water system.



Here are questions related to Removing Sulfur Smell from a Well Water System.

Question: Smelly Well Water

I live in Kalanki, Nepal. I have my own house. My well water was fine a couple of months ago. But now it smells really bad. When I smell it, I feel like vomiting. What should I do?

By Neermal


Best Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/02/2014

You need to get in touch with Nirdhan Utthan Bank Limited in your country and ask for a small loan to get a water filter for your well.
See if you can talk to General Manager Mr. Prakash Raj Sharma or get a message to him that you need a small loan for a filter for your well because you have bad water.
Good luck!

Question: Tap Water Smells Like Eggs

We have moved into a house in the country with a well. Shortly after moving in, we began to smell an egg smell in our water as it comes out of the tap. I read elsewhere that this is an aeration problem in the water supply, but no advice was given for a homeowner to remedy this. Any solutions out there?

Rebecca from North Branch, MN


Most Recent Answer

By TFed12/28/2011

We also had the rotten egg smell when we bought our house in 2000. We removed the rod from the hot water heater and the smell was gone. Now, 11 years later, it's baa-ack! It's horrible and the water even has a foul taste. We don't drink it! I'm ready to try the bleach method.

However the [Stark County, Ohio] health department recommends a far more invasive and lengthy procedure than those mentioned here. Any thoughts on whether the simple gallon of bleach method is just as effective as priming and flushing?

Question: Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

We just moved into a new house our problem is the smell of our water and drains. It smells like rotten eggs. The washer is gross too, every time I wash clothes they either smell like rotten eggs while washing or the machine does. It is very gross. Taking a shower is also smelly. We don't have hard water and tried that with dish soap and water. Please help.

Jillann from Belleville, IL

Most Recent Answer

By alicia (Guest Post)12/31/2008

Hey I live in Belleville as well and when we moved into our house it had been empty for about 5-6 mos. We had to empty the hot water heater. Turn on ALL hot water faucets. No cold until the water runs ice cold. This cured our "rotten egg" smell and only cost about 10 bucks on our next water bill. Try this before the treatment stuff.

Question: Removing Sulfur from a Well Water System

Our house is currently on a well system. We have sulfur in our water, which gives it a rotten egg smell. At this time, we have a system from Eco Water that uses food-grade hydrogen peroxide to reduce the sulfur in the water. This system was in the house when we bought it 3 plus years ago. We are thinking of replacing this unit and was wondering if anyone has any input on other systems available for this and how they work. We are trying to get rid of the need for the hydrogen peroxide.

Mary from Wilmington, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Farmgal07/25/2013

I purchased a new water heater. The kind with the heat pump. Expensive but supposed to save on electricity in the long run. I never had the smell until I had the new water heater installed. Perhaps it was a coincidence but that is when it started and it is just the hot water?

Question: Removing a Sulfur Odor from Clothing

For the past three years, my clothes have smelled of a sulfuric type smell. I've (along with my mother) attempted to remove the smell using the popular solutions: vinegar, baking soda, Smellywasher, etc. None of it has worked, ever, at removing the smell although the vinegar solution has made my clothes smell great out of the machine. We've moved into three different apartments over these past few years, so I'm not sure if sulfuric water is the problem (or ever was).

I do know that I heard people say I smelled "gassy" and I do smell something sulfuric at random times. It's in all of my clothes, because people frequently have to breathe "away" or cover their noses. It's been a self-esteem killer and I barely have the ability to look people in the eye. My work requires me to meet with random people (clients) and help them out, and it kills me inside (and makes me nervous, causing me to stutter, turn red, etc.) when they have to cover their noses or breathe away from me, or worse yet, when they get angry. I don't blame them, I just want to get the smell out.

I truly appreciate any help I receive because its ruining my life (already has) to the point where I socialize with only a small group of friends (who swear they don't smell anything, but friends are supposed to say that). I have gained a bunch of weight, and seem depressed (I can't be motivated for anything).

By godsgift2dagame from Champaign, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Leslie Ann H.01/25/2015

None of that is going to help and throwing out your clothes etc is nuts. It's a chemical problem that is either in your water itself or from your water heater. Just search how to remove sulfur from your water and does it smell the same whether hot or cold (water) Lastly, take your clothes somewhere else to wash until you solve it (sometimes easy -just some bleach will slove it, but not in your washer!) Resolve to solve it, not feel bad and not let this common water problem affect your life!

Question: Sulphur Smell in Well Water

I just purchased a rental property and the well water has a strong sulphur smell. My concern is that the house is old and the septic system is within 10 yards of well. Could the septic have compromised the well?

By Vito L.

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [38]04/16/2013

My brother has this same problem. When we visit you almost vomit when brushing your teeth because of the smell. He now pours about 1 cup of bleach into the well head and it takes care of the problem. After testing for the safety of your water, try this. You might even ask your well "carer" about solutions.

Question: Towels Smell Like Sulfur

I had to wash my dog in something that has high sulfur in it. Now my towels all smell horrible like sulfur (rotten eggs) how do I get this smell out? I have tried everything.

Derek from Georgia

Most Recent Answer

By Paul Flynn (Guest Post)03/25/2008

If you've tried bleach, vinegar, baking soda, etc.
to remove mildew smell from your washer and your bath towels with no luck I sell a completely natural washer cleaner at that is guaranteed to get rid of smell from your washing machine and/or your towels and clothing.
You can either order online, send a check/money order to our business address or order over the phone by calling 952-465-6444.

Question: Removing Rotten Egg Smell from Household Water

Is there a system that will remove the rotten egg smell from all of the water that comes into your house?

By James

Most Recent Answer

By kitkatk100 [6]12/30/2013

My brother had this problem at a house that he was fixing up to sell. A plumber told me that there is a metal rod inside the water heater that, if bad, will cause that rotten egg smell. Unfortunately I don't know the exact name of this rod - it's something like anta-rod - and I don't know how much it would cost to replace it. Good luck to you!

Question: Sulphur Well Water

I live in an apartment with non filtered well water. The landlord says the water just hit a sulphur patch, but it is safe to drink. It smells like rotten eggs hot or cold. It tints everything and has a yellow color to it at times. I have small children and I believe it is giving us stomach issues. We buy drinking water. Is there a way to boil my tap water to make it safe for drinking again?

    By Mandie I. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]06/03/2015

    The site below explains what happens when sulphur is introduced into drinking water. Some drinkers may experience diarrhea, especially infants.

    You certainly have a reason to complain about the sulphur stink in your water as it wasn't a problem before and there is no way to know just how long the problem will last. The site further explains:

    Sulfur-containing water can be treated with chlorine to remove the sulfur. Chlorinated bleach can be added to water, and the hydrogen sulfide gas will react with the chlorine and settle out as yellow particles, which can be mechanically filtered out of the water.

    This action should be performed by a professional water treatment service to ensure the water you drink is sulphur free. I hope your landlord will fix the problem and that you do not have to move to find better water. ... 9-health-effects-of-sulfur-in-water/

    Question: Reducing Sulfur in Well Water

    We live in Florida and have well water. The sulfur in the water is destroying all the piping in the house and our clothes. Is there are way to treat this? Thank you.

    By Robin W

    Most Recent Answer

    By water man 09/30/2014

    Hello, I also live in Florida and HAD the same problem! My water softener cured the problem but it was almost due for a service (500$) and I was going through 7$ a week in salt! After referring to my water operator books I learned that sodium hypo chloride is what is used to cure the problem in industrial plants, so why couldn't I do the same at my house! I installed a 8gpd cl2 pump wired to my well pressure switch and mixed pool chlorine 1/4 with water! I no longer have the issue and it cost me about 250$ to install and costs about 1$ a week in cl2.

    All that is needed is weekly testing to make sure that you stay with in safe drinking water cl2 levels (.01-2.5 ppm) and your good to go! I run mine at 0.5 ppm just remember, it takes 7ppm sodium hypo chloride to eat 1ppm suffer! I am a certified operator 8 years in the field! Hope this helped!

    Question: Cold Water From Tap Smells Like Sulfur

    The cold water in our bathroom has taken to smelling like sulfur when you turn it on. After a minute or two, it smells and tastes fine. The hot water is normal.

    We have our own well. The faucet is new. We have had this problem before and it went away. This seems to linger on. Any suggestions?

    By Sheila from NE

    Most Recent Answer

    By kathleen williams [23]02/21/2010

    Maybe you need the water checked,good luck.

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