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Freezer Jam Too Runny


I tried making peach freezer jam and followed the instructions to a T. It is almost finished sitting out for 24 hours and it looks like it may not be quite thick enough. It looks a bit watery. Any ideas as to why?

By Sandi from IL


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By KL 3 554 07/23/2010

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but this link below has a lot of info re: jams & jellies and the science behind them. There is also a recipe near the bottom on re-making freezer jam from a failed batch. I didnt know you could do that. ... /foodnutrition/making_jam_and_jelly/

We always make raspberry freezer jam and once I had it turn out not quite as gelled but gelled enough. It of course will be firmer in the fridge and even firmer in the freezer. We always keep ours in the freezer and often I forget to take it out a few minutes early and actually like it on sandwiches when it is frozen.

Or you could use it on pancakes or Dutch Babies in place of syrup.

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By Sandi 4 20 07/23/2010

Thanks Kaelle for that site info. I went there and I may try to remake the jam if it doesn't seem to get gelled enough after putting it in the fridge.
I am now wondering if the peaches I used were too juicy?

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By Elaine 173 890 07/27/2010

I made a batch of blueberry jam and had the same problem. I am too lazy to redo it but I guess if you add more pectin, you could salvage it for jam. I am just going to use mine for pancakes and for topping ice cream.

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