Advice About Peeing Cat

I have a 7 year old female Seal Point Himalayan. She has been fixed. She is constantly peeing on my couch and near my wooden furniture. She doesn't seem to have a UTI. She does use the cat box. I was wondering if any one knew what could be wrong with her.

Dawn from Lisbon Falls, Maine

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My friends female cat began peeing on the carpet, clothes on the floor and other places other than the litterbox. She is about 4 years old. At about the same time my friend started dating someone new. The cat would pee on his clothing. Could she be doing this because she doesn't like the new boyfriend? Recently she moved and the cat is still peeing on brand new carpet and other places. I think she only cleans the litter box every 3-4 days. I think this should be done every day. Now she wants to get rid of the cat.

Donna J.

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My cat MARKS anything that's new or freshly cleaned and set near her "area"/closet, which infuriates me.

No matter how much I clean whatever it is, she continues to MARK HER TERRITORY and all of it's contents! This is likely what is happening to yours.

It's slightly thicker than urine and dries more crusty

and stiff, unlike urine, and is VERY pungent.

I've not discovered a single thing that can stop her

short of locking her into her closet! lol I've thought

so often of giving her away or having her euthanized, but I love her too much and just clean

like mad all the time. I do find that lemon scented

cleaners bother her and last the longest.

God bless cats and give us the extra patience! : )

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Sometimes, cats (even dogs) will develop/have a substrate preference. My 11 y/o FP Himalayan was quite insistent with the cheap, beer-colored carpet found in most apartments, no matter how clean her litter box was. She won't piss on the berber or hardwood I have now, but I lost every deposit.

She also has a problem with scratching everything around the litter box. I invested a whopping $5 on a storage box at Wal-Mart (about 2 feet tall) and not only are the walls spared, but my English Bulldog can no longer look to the box as a food source. He happens to piss on anything that's cardboard, while everything else is safe. (You won't need to get the lid obviously, but add a layer of newspaper before the litter. Replace the box just as you would a normal one.)

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First, rule out any underlying medical conditions by having your kitty checked by the vet. If she checks out fine, there might be a very simple problem you can easily remedy. Cats are fussy creatures, and they are purposeful! In other words, she's trying to tell you something. LOL!

1). Where is the litter box located? Is it in a high traffic area of your home?? Is it near a toilet or near her food source? Is it a covered type box with a high step up? These are all things that some cats find objectionable.

2). How often do you clean the litter box? Do you wash it once a week? If so, do you use chemicals to clean it?

3). Do you use deodorant litter? Clumping type litter? Many cats are sensitive to anything but unscented, clay litter.

Make some changes towards encouraging her to use her box. Often this is all it takes. Make sure you use an enzyme cleaner on the spots she's peed on though...if she continues to smell her own urine there, she'll continue to go there.

Good luck.

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I too have this problem with my female cat. But it is only in the hallway of our appartment and no where else. I have two litter boxes one is self cleaning, I have the urinary tract formula the vetrecommended. And the vet gave her a clean bill of health. When we lived in base housing and had no carpet she never went on the floor. put those plastic runners in the hallway and that has stopped her for the most part, every once in a while I will find a puddle on the plastic to clean up but at least it isn't on the carpet!


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i recently moved into a new apartment and only since weve been there my one year old cat has started peeing on everything. she will go number two in the litter box but wont pee there. what can i do to make her stop and go in the litter box

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OK, I have a 16 year old cat who is in perfect health, acts like a kitten, eats well, etc. The problem is he pees constantly in open boxes (we moved 1 year ago and still have some cardboard boxes in the basement) and on plastic bags or anything similar. He had started this before we moved, so I know it's not the move. His pan is clean; he appears to be using that as well. I love this cat, but I'm worn out and he's ruining everything! Any ideas??

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Cats that pee to mark territory - I've been told that if you clean the area so humans can't smell the pee any more, but the cat can, then it won't spray anymore. It is reasonable to assume that when you clean all smell away that the cat thinks something else has marked there, and thus does it again. As long as we can't smell it, but the cat can, it should be happy. Not sure if it works, but I'm sure it's worth a try.

My particular problem is with our old (16) cat we rehomed a few months ago. Every time he peed I shouted at him and chased him off. After looking on the net and reading this forum, I realised that this was not the best plan. He's probably doing it cos he's lonely and insecure. He hardly does it when my other half is about, as he fusses the cat, whereas I'm so annoyed at him for doing it I don't feel overly friendly towards him. Vicious cycle. I reckon lots of TLC will reassure him so hopefully he'll do it less.

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I just adopted a new cat named Olive. She has hyperthyroidism, and is extremely skinny and frail. She's about 9 years old, and the shelter said she was spayed. She's currently been peeing in every place she can find (mostly fabrics on the floor, and my bed and my roommates) I've taken her to the vet three times, and all they can say is it's a symptom of her disease. I've only had her for a week, and have another female cat Siri, and a rabbit named Luna. Three days ago she had bloody stool, and she's been "peeing" everywhere including her box. She only pees a tiny bit, but it's getting on my nerves and my roommates. especially since we're college students and have to go to class all day then come home and rewash everything. Help please! I want to give this new girl a wonderful home, and for her to be happy and healthy, but I'm also worried about my other animal's wellbeing. It started a week after we've been in this apartment so I don't think it's the new change in scenery or new people.

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My cat is 18 months old. He's loving but he wees any where in the house. I have three other cats and there's no problem with them.

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I have a Persian Calico female 5 1/2 year old cat. I got her fixed about 1 1/2 ago and she still is peeing on my bed. I have gone through 3 beds already. I dont know what to do. I clean her Litter box every 3 days because I have 2 cats the other one is her daughter. I dont know what to do and I dont want to get rid of her and she has no medical conditions. I give her attention all the time when I am home even when Im not home everyone that comes to my house does. What should I do? Her litter box is on the hallway closet (we live in a apt) thats the only place we can put it and I have normal litter. I dont get why she does this and my boyfriend loves her but is getting to the point of getting rid of her cause of the peeing. HELP

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I have 2 female cats, they both are 2 year olds, and only a couple mo. apart. The younger female is a Persian cat and she does not have a problem but my Tabby spotted cat started to pee in my dogs' beds. When I caught her I was shocked she is so clean so picky. Having the litter box near. I started to think if there was any changes and came up with that I had just got both female cats spayed Could that have caused it? but it didn't affect my other cat.

So we just took the dogs' beds outside where she couldn't get to them she had no respect for the dogs sleeping in it at the time. Which would make the dogs sad. Then we moved and we got a male kitty he's maybe about a year or so old. She absolutely despises him.

Well at 1st I thought she'll get over it like she did for the younger female cat. Then I caught her peeing my covers for the next 4 mo. She does not go near the male cat at all she will not eat in the same room with him. The younger female likes to play a lot with both cats. Considering we have not been able to neuter the male yet he gets a little rough only with the female cat that doesn't have a peeing problem. So the female that pees on dirty clothes has defended the younger female from the male which by the way he doesn't go after her or plays with her.

Now this past month we have been also taking care of another older male Tabby spotted cat. She treats this one the same way she does the younger male she will defend the younger female from both males. Which she won't get comfortable with the males. As weird as it may sound but to me she acts like a male after getting spayed she pees I'm guessing to mark her territory because I read that boy cats do that to let the female cats whats up.

Her meow sounds like a male one. She would only play, lick, kiss, and is always sniffing the younger female cats behind. Not to mention I have a female half shephard half Labrador dog who she gets along with her as well as she does with the other female cat. Well up until she pees on the dogs bed and even still they are all ok.

Could it be that some female cats be gay? Could it have been a reaction to her getting spayed to a low % of cats? They say you can't teach a cat but all mine I trained and they obey they stun some people. This is the only one thing I can't get her to stop that and the fact she does not like male cats or male dogs. When I 1st got pets it was the one female dog I still have I had a male Australian Shep. She never liked.

I had two female cats and another older female which I had to put to sleep. She would pee and poo everywhere when she was only a yr. old she liked her to and that was even before the fixing started. She does use one of the three cat litter boxes can you guess which one? the one the males don't use, and on anything that she can mark her territory maybe warning the males to leave her girls alone. Maybe she's just picky like I said before.

Anyone have any advice or input on my strange cat? Not to mention lately she has not spend any quality time with me anymore so I'm letting her have her alone time. I hope she comes around soon.

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The cat peeping at my doorstep is not my pet. How can I prevent it to coming over.

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One of my cats started peeing on my bed. I took him to the vet and had a urinary infection ruled out. He is an anxious cat, and that is how he decided to "communicate" with me!

His brother, also strung too tightly, pees on the couch. He began when I looked after a teenager for a few months, and never stopped, even though the boy is now gone.

All my cats are fixed (first thing to do!), and I have gone through scads of PetZyme and Nature's Miracle.

The best thing I have found is medication! The vet prescribed imipramine, and it is wonderful!

This is an antianxiety. antidepression medication. It has made my two furry boys much happier, and far, far less pissy.

Also, get an inexpensive "cat piller" while you're at it! It makes giving a difficult cat a pill way easier once you perfect the technique.

Good luck!

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September 10, 20150 found this helpful

Any advice for a vat peeing on the seat part of a leather sofa?

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June 18, 20160 found this helpful

I also have a steel Point Himalayan got a sofa from my friend and mr. Boots has peed on it 3 times I've done everything I could to get the smell out and it's still there so I just cover my couches in plastic which stinks because I like to sit on them one mad cat owner in Iowa

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I have a cat that I love that has begun the horrible habit of peeing on, well, just about everything, but especially our microfiber couch. She's only 2 and seems to do it out of spite, like after we come home from a vacation, when guests are over, etc. She's particularly shy. Any tips for curbing this bad habit?.

Shae from Oak Creek


Advice About Peeing Cat

First of all the cat should be checked by the vet to rule out any possibility of a urinary tract infection, etc. The cat could be responding to the new boyfriend. Does the boyfriend like cats and does he treat this cat nicely? Felines have a sixth sense about people. The new boyfriend could be moving in on the feline's territory too quickly. Subtle changes in a cat's daily routine can trigger behaviors like this. The litter box should be scooped everyday! Would you as a human not flush your toilet on a regular basis! The cat is saying something! Don't get rid of her, listen to her and figure out what it is! (02/14/2005)

By Sew Sew Mitch

Advice About Peeing Cat

I'm with Mitch. I have two cats. When the 6 year old suddenly started peeing on the carpet for no reason after 2 days, it was to the vets with us. He had developed a condition that is easily treatable by changing his food to foods made specially for cats with Urinary Tract health issues. We now had no problems. If the problem had been the boyfriend, wouldn't it have stopped when she went away? Good luck. (02/14/2005)

By Suzanne S.

Advice About Peeing Cat

My cats did a little of this when I got married and my new husband moved in. One would pee in his chair at the dinner table or try to pee on the new sofa. It was exasperating, but I trained my husband. The cats were fine physically, but didn't like all the changes to our routine. Husband had to learn not to swat at the cats, talk loudly or be too rough with them, how to pick them up, and how to pet them gently and not do other things the cats considered "mean" or "scarey". They were used to sitting on the furniture, counters, wherever they pleased and husband didn't want them there. (I never ate there, so why not use the table as a cat perch! :-)

We made them a special cat perch instead. Now they like husband and play with him and want to sit in his lap and nobody pees in the house. I completely agree about the vet and the litter box first, though. And definitely figure out what the boyfriend is doing to the cats when you are not watching. I didn't realize why my cats hated my new husband until I saw him swat them off the table and "yell" at them. I had to tell him to just call them by name and tell them "hop down" quietly instead and then praise them for obeying and they now respond to his voice...most of the time. I also agree that pets are very good at telling if a person is "nice" or not, even if they are very good at hiding their true colors. (02/15/2005)

By guest

Advice About Peeing Cat

I agree about taking the cat to a Vet. When they don't use the kittly litter pan, there is usually a urinarytrack problem. It is very important to have this checked out. (02/15/2005)

By GayCarolyn

Advice About Peeing Cat

I have a neutered male who started to do this too. After ruling out everything with the vet, we decided to try Feliway spray. After cleaning the pee with enzyme cleaner (Petzyme) spray the couch just a little with Feliway. This is a synthetic hormone spray that teaches cats its a "friendly" zone. Both these items can be purchased at the pet store. True, these things cost money, but they go a long way, and in my opinion, you can't put a price on something like this. No one likes the smell of pee! :) (08/20/2005)

By MsMarlene

Advice About Peeing Cat

My cat did this when she was new to our household. This is what took care of the problem:

1) clean furniture then cover it with plastic. (We used mattress protectors, but any large sheet of plastic would do).

2) Cover the plastic with temporary furniture covers of some kind since you will not want to sit on plastic.

3) On the spots that the cat likes to pee, leave special treats.

4) Give the cat extra love and attention.

Once the furniture was protected it cut down on my stress. I didn't have to worry about the furniture being ruined. If the cat is peeing because of stress, this will help the cat too. Our pets are experts at tuning in to our emotions.
Our cat would go back to the spots where she used to pee hoping to find a treat, and she would never ever pee there because she is fastidious about her food.

I also agree with the other posts which recommended that you have a vet examine your cat. However, urinary tract infections are rare in cats and usually only occur in cats older than five years. (08/20/2005)

Advice About Peeing Cat

My cat refuses to use a litter box unless it is pristine clean. I got tired of scooping all the time (or cleaning up messes in the wrong place) and bought a Stylette Litter Sweep electric litter box. It was worth the $100 and I didn't have to get rid of the cat! (08/23/2005)

By Julie

Advice About Peeing Cat

I agree about taking your cat to the vet immediately. My friend ignored his cat's urination problems and his cat almost died from kidney failure. It is on a special diet because of the irreversible damage done to its kidneys. Also have her spayed if she's not already because cats will urinate to attempt to signal males that they are "in season". (08/23/2005)

By BarbMoore

Advice About Peeing Cat

Frequent urination can also be a sign of DIABETES. My 7 year old calico started peeing these GIANT puddles absolutely everywhere. She was also drinking for ten minutes straight. After she started getting insulin shots, the only place she pees besides the littlerbox is in the kennel when she's on the way to the vet! (08/29/2005)

By Guest

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