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Keeping animals from going under a mobile home requires good skirting. This guide is about cats under a mobile home.



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Question: Cats Under a Mobile Home

I have a mobile home that has had numerous cats do their duty under it? I have tried keeping them out, but they keep digging underneath. What is the best way to keep the cats out and rid the mobile home of the smell associated with it? The smell permeates throughout the home.

By Steve from Kellogg, ID

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By Louise B. [6] 09/29/2010

NO MOTH BALLS. It doesn't actually work for cats, and the mothball smell is far worse and actually more dangerous for you than the cat smell.

When I had a similar problem, I had an aggressive mother cat that had access to the crawlspace, and she would keep the other cats out. However, when she got old, she couldn't do it.

Alternately, I would try spreading any sort of citrus scent. Orange peels might do the trick. When I had stray cats spraying their scent around my house, I doused the places with lemon scented Mr Clean, and that seemed to discourage them. I would splash it on full strength.

I have not had good luck with cat repellant, and the odor that it has is also weird, but you could certainly give it a try. I bought it at a garden store.

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Question: Stray Cats Under My Trailer

My boyfriend, I, and my 2 yr old Pit Bull recently moved into a trailer in Kentucky. All was good until something got under our new home and is driving poor Otis (my dog) nuts from the inside.

He is a very well trained inside dog, but of course loves his walk/runs and basking in the sun. You usually can't say the word walk without him getting overly excited. Now that he smells what I am assuming are cats thru the vents he spends his days sniffing at every vent and has even clawed one out of the floor. How do I get rid of the cats before he chews his way to them?

By Margaret

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By Grandma J [54] 02/22/2013

Check with an exterminating company for ideas. They may have something simple.

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Question: Dogs and Cats Getting Under a Mobile Home

I have dogs and my neighbors cats are getting in my yard and under my house (mobile home). My dogs get under there and wreak havoc trying to get to them. I'm afraid they will rip my duct work and other wiring or even get hurt. I heard to use moth balls, but does this work and will my dogs try to eat them? I would like a home remedy please.

Tina from Winter Haven, FL

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By FM (Guest Post) 05/31/2008

Our manufactured home is tied down to a concrete foundation and two feral kittens have found places to get in between the blocks. We have plugged the spaces up. Unknowingly, one place was not plugged in very well and now only one kitten is under there with the other outside our home. It is a constant battle that when they are both out to run and plug the last small opening. One heads one way away from the deck and the other under the deck to the opened small area of the concrete block. We can see them now in the day or night on the deck with their mother. They are too fast for us and go in. Help! The mama cat is tame.

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Archive: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

I need some serious help here. We are planning on selling our house but we have a huge problem. About 3 weeks ago this god awful smell came through the whole house. We thought maybe a mouse had died in our registers or something like that, so a couple days later we had someone come in and clean our registers and put a spray into all of them to get rid of the smell. Well guess what, that didn't help.

So days go by and we couldn't figure out what the smell was or what had caused it. We live in a mobile home so my husband went under the house and all in the insulation there was cat feces and it wreaked of urine. So we bought cat spray's and sprayed it all under the house... the smell still came in. Someone suggested bleach, well that worked for a bit because your nose was so immune to the bleach you couldn't smell anything else and the smell is still here.

My husband sprayed it on the wood under the house and replaced all the insulation that was wrecked but the smell still returns. I've bought some of those battery operated fan smelly things and put them in the registers... THE SMELL IS STILL HERE.

I need some major help ,it wreaks in our house but it's coming from under the house and in through the vents, what do we do? I need another solution that's going to work, we are going to be selling our house and I don't think people will want to buy it with this awful smell. What next?

Natasha M

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

Try burning a can of fresh coffee grounds under the trailer , you will have to do it on a hot plate as i would be afraid to use charcoal under there. Keep a close eye on it at all times. I've never done it but it worked for a friend of mine on the interior of a car that someone committed suicide in. Good Luck! (04/22/2005)

By shadowbabe58dlx

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

I have always used white vinegar on cat urine problems. Cats sprayed outside by our front door and back door. I sprayed the area with vinegar and the odor disappeared. I then put nylon stockings filled with moth balls near the doors to deter them. That also worked. I can't imagine how horrible it must be for you. Good luck. (04/22/2005)

By mkymlp

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

Are you sure it's from a cat? A friend had a raccoon get in his attic insulation and made a mess that smelled REALLY bad. They had to pull out all of the attic insulation and replace it and then patch up all the holes to get the smell to go away. This happened twice, believe it or not, to the same house! It was unoccupied for several months and the raccoon made a nest and raised its babies in there! (04/22/2005)

By guest

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

I work for a professional carpet and restoration supply company and we often deal with clients with similar situations.

There are two methods to rid the area of smells.

First and most cost effective is thermal fogging. You can purchase a thermal hot fogger at your local hardware store (they are sold for bug foggers), you must use a special product in the fogger which is a deodorant that will come out of the fogger in a smoke like fog which will penetrate all cracks and "mask" the problem. (solution is to be purchased from Carpet/restoration supply companies and cannot be water based)

The second is to use a ozone generator, this is a permanent solution as it will change the molecules from o2 to o3 removing the smell completely. You can usually find these at Fire/Flood restoration rental companies or call a carpet supply house to see if they will rent to you.

By Ann29

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

I had the very same problem. I bought some LIME, put on my shabby work clothes, and got on my hands and knees and sprinkled the powder under my house. Be sure to use gloves and goggles. And be prepared to get dirty, but it's worth it. Worked like a charm. We had feral cats in our neighborhood, hence the problem. Was awful during the summer months! Good luck. (04/23/2005)

By Brenda

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

My parents had the same problem with stray cats getting under their trailer and using it as a litter box and the only thing they found that worked is Lye but you have to be careful to cover up all parts of your body that will come in contact with it and wear one of those little white masks like a doctor would wear so you do not inhale the Lye but it works almost immediately. (04/23/2005)

By Dannielle Jenkins

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

A friend of mine had the same problem as you. When they went to replace the insulation they found a dead cat. That is where the smell was coming from. I am not sure what they used to finally get the smell out. But you might want to make sure that there isn't still a cat under there. (04/24/2005)

By Michele

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

I have never heard of using Lime for cat urine odor, but I would really like to know if it works. When we bought the house prior to the one we live in now, the tenant let the dog and cat use the bathroom on the floor on a regular basis. When we pulled up the carpet, there was a 3 foot radius in every corner where the concrete was literally saturated with urine. It was awful. We tried every kind of cleaner imaginable. Nothing worked. We then bought a can of Kilz Primer and painted the floor and about 3 feet high up the walls. We had to remove all of the baseboards and replace them in addition to all new carpet. It worked though! Good luck! (04/25/2005)

By Suzi Homemaker

RE: Cat Smell Coming From Under Mobile Home

Not sure it'll work for you, but spreading lime on the dirt beneath your house might. My parents bought a house with dog urine in one room so badly, it had soaked through the floors and settled in the crawl space. After we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned... the lime took care of the problem (04/26/2005)

By NancyP

Archive: Cats Under a Mobile Home

I live in a mobile home and cat sometimes squeeze through the skirting and go to the bathroom under our house. It is starting to smell.