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How Do I Remove Nacho Cheese Stain from Clothes?


How do I get year old nacho cheese out of my sweatshirt? I have a sweatshirt for the league my son plays baseball for. And last year I washed it and put it away. Well I just took it out and behold a nacho cheese stain! Please help I do not want to buy another one.

By Natalie from Chicago, IL


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By Ktkat 7 04/28/2011 Flag

This is a toughie because the stain is so old and I presume you have
dried it in the machine. Cheese is greasy and a protein. try one or both of these. First off your hair shampoo. It is meant to clean oils from your hair. Next Dawn dish soap. (I use Dawn to lift all my stains! No I am not
paid by them but if they use it to clean birds and animals that are soaked in oil it must work!) Anyway. rub the shampoo or dish soap into the spot and let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash. If this doesn't work you could try
peroxide on it and then stretch the stain part over a mug and pour boiling water over it and see if that works. Good Luck.

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