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Mud Puddle Stains on a White T-shirt

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My dd received a white shirt from her grandmother, (big mistake for a 5 year old) and she played in a mud puddle while wearing it. I have soaked it in hot soapy bleach water with vinegar and baking soda, and cannot get it white again. Any suggestions on how i can get these stains out? I even tried soaking it in hot soapy water with lemon juice and hanging on line. Please Help! Thank you in advance!

Janice from Illinois



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By rachel (Guest Post)08/31/2008

Make it tie dye like a hippie! Everyone can be happy.

By Mary [12]07/12/2006

You could also try this. Works great on whites.

Add one cup of powdered Cascade and Clorox II to five gallons of the hottest water you can draw from your tap. Soak items overnight and launder as usual.

By (Guest Post)07/11/2006

try boiling it in a 2 quart pan with lemon juice and 2 T cream of tartar.

By gale join eer [2]07/07/2006

If it's plain white, squirt it with X-14 or whatever strong bathroom cleaner you use and wash after 30 min. or so. I restored white canvas tennies that had been worn in the river this way. If you leave it on 3 or 4 days, it will make a hole; don't ask how I know.

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By mike (Guest Post)04/27/2008

Soda and water.

By jm2jmm (Guest Post)07/20/2006

Hi- tried Oxyclean on a t-shirt which had been washed + dried. I had tried Lestoil before I tried Oxyclean. Stain's still there- am going to try dishwasher detergent now- will let you know...

By Cate Kohr07/13/2006

I find that ANY item can become stain-free (so far) br placing it in a pot on the stove with Oxyclean dissolved in water and simmered slowly. Stir with a wooden spoon. Check after 15 minutes. If stain remains, turn off heat , cover and reheat after water cools. Continue as needed.

By Julie [2]07/12/2006

I sometimes use a product called Super Iron Out.

By Debbie Halverson07/12/2006

Next time use cold water instead of hot. Hot water sets mud stains making them almost impossible to remove.

By janice [48]07/12/2006

Thank You everyone for your great ideas, will definitely try them. At first i didn't dry it in the dryer, but by mistake this last time i did laundry it did get into the dryer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

By KLS8800 (Guest Post)07/11/2006

I have not tried this myself, but maybe Dawn's Power Dissolve may work. You do not say if you have put the shirt in the dryer or not...if you have, go ahead and dye the shirt...if not, I wonder if the Power dissolve would work, also, look in the laundry aisle, and see if RIT has anything that may help. If I am not mistaken, they have whitener, brightener, and maybe if they have a white dye? Just thinking off the top of my head. What about bleach and a strong detergent with a Borax (or other type) laundry booster. The person with the restaurant had a very good idea, also call a dry cleaners (or even a home ec teacher) and see what they may suggest. I have a five year old son (he has autism), and I guantee you, he has only ONE white Tshirt (it has a saying about autism awareness on it, and they had it only in white) but he wears it only on occasion, and I watch closely where he goes, what he does, and when I make dinner that could stain the shirt, I remove his shirt (it is summer, after all). why not tye dye the shirt? Let your little one tell grandmama that it is a special rainbow shirt to wear to a special grandmama's house.

By (Guest Post)07/11/2006

Here's the recipe I use for my restaurant towels and believe me they get dirty and stained with everything. I use equal parts of bleach, powdered dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent in hot water - I use the 5 gal. bucket from SAM"S Club - works every time!! If you have dried it in the dryer, maybe nothing will work, but give this a try. I'd suggest rinsing it in vinegar water afterward as it would be harsh abainst the skin.

By Joyce [4]07/11/2006

I use a product called M-30 on my husbands jeans and t shirts. The price is $1.00 and it's a paste you just rub on and I let it set for maybe 15 minutes before laundering. I was very surprised how well it worked. You can get it at Dollar General or Wal-Mart. I can't garantee that it will work for you but, it sure takes grease and grime out of my husbands clothes.

By JUDIE07/11/2006

Try soaking it in electric dishwasher detergent==that takes out most stains on white clothing

By dede (Guest Post)07/11/2006

try soaking overnight in a mixture of cascade dish detergent (powder) and water. My sister used to do this alot for her clothes. Or Oxyclean works well

By Emily (Guest Post)07/07/2006

I found a bar of soap called felsnaptha that takes a lot of stains out. It is for laundry, but I found it in the bath soap aisle. Oxyclean also does a good job on stains.

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