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Using Cooking Bags In Your Crockpot

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Can I use "oven cooking bags" in my crockpot?

Sharon from Southern Illinois



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By Rachael L.02/02/2014

I'm doing a pot roast with the bag in the slow cooker. Should I have the meat or veg on the bottom side? Does it matter? Also is it okay that it is quite full?

By Amanda (Guest Post)07/25/2008

I do not use any cooking bags period. When exposed to high temps they give off chemicals which I can't begin to spell. These chemicals are potentially serious especially to young children. All your plastic wraps do the same thing when in the microwave, even the special cooking bags of veggies you "steam". Bottom line use wax paper for the microwave, glass dishes, not plastic to cook in et. Spray your crock pot with Pam et. I know we all like to make life easier as we are so busy et, but let's consider our children. Peace....

By Meari [8]04/04/2006

Yes, you can use oven bags in a crockpot just like you would use them in an oven. I've put all the stuff in the bag, tied it loosely, in order to let steam escape. Works fine.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]04/04/2006

Thank you for the GREAT tip!

By Christine Goodwin (Guest Post)04/03/2006

Why the water in the crock pot before the cooking bag?

By Jennifer Nelson [1]04/03/2006

I use them all of the time in my Crockpot, I've never added water though.

Northern Virginia

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