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How do I keep the ends of grosgrain ribbon from fraying?

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I am using grosgrain ribbon to decorate purses that I am making. To finish off my purse, I have grosgrain ribbon trailing off the purse (I know, hard to imagine). Anyway, to cut the ends, I use pinking shears to give that criss-cross look.

The problem is, that it starts to unravel after awhile. Is there something that I can spray on it to stop it? Maybe something to "harden" it? I tried that liquid glue, but it was so gloppy and messy.

Any ideas?
Paula in GA


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By crystal (Guest Post)08/24/2008

Fray check - you can buy at most craft stores like michaels or joann fabrics.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)03/08/2008

I am trying Fray Check but it discolors the ribbon. Any suggestions about what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

By melissa (Guest Post)09/27/2007

To keep ribbon ends from fraying I tie the ribbon around something or tie loosely to a rubber band and the place rubber band around a bottle (This is to keep the ribbon from drying laying flat on something and sticking.) Then I tip the ends of the ribbon on both side of the cut edge with clear fingernail polish (the cheapest polish works just fine.) It takes about 30 minutes to dry completely. I make my nieces some hair ties 4 years ago and did this and they are still wearing them and they are fine. Good luck!

By ashley. (Guest Post)11/22/2006

There is a product at wal-mart and many craft stores that is called fray blocker. it can be washed and will stop fraying. it works great.

By virginia (Guest Post)09/07/2006

I burn the ends I touch the end of my ribbon to the top of my electric stove top. Do not leave on long or it will turn brown.

By leslie (Guest Post)10/15/2005

I always use a lighter it will harden the end but be careful and just lightly tuch the ribbon with the lighter. If it is on the ribbon to long it will harden but will also leave black on the ribbon.

By Mairmie (Guest Post)09/11/2005

Try FrayCheck. Michael's, Walmart & many other stores sell it. It's a very handy product. I use it for the ends of sewn or tied elastic (as extra security), on any type of ribbon or braid, if a tiny hole develops in a piece of clothing etc. Just use a small amount. It dries clear but you don't want a big, hard "knot" Good luck!

By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]09/11/2005

Go to a beauty supply store and ask for Beauty Secrets nail hardener. It comes in a little round bottle and has a tiny brush that is just right for small items. Put a dab on both sides of the ribbon and let dry by hanging over something. If you cover just the barest tip of the ribbon, it shouldn't change the color or be noticeable. Sprays are too "indiscriminate." Fray Check is okay but sometimes hard to find and has no brush.

By Joyce [12]09/11/2005

I do know that there is a glue that you can spray on. I have never use it only in a car, but you can try that you can get it at a auto parts store. It is worth a try.

By (Guest Post)09/11/2005

I do know they have glue that you can spray on too. I have never tryed it but it is worth a try. You can get it at a auto parts store.

By linda (Guest Post)09/10/2005

Clear nail polish or a product called Fray Check from the craft or fabric store.

By Connie (Guest Post)09/10/2005

Have you tried Fray Check? I don't know how well it would work on ribbon, but it works pretty well for me on fabric.

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