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Removing Tangles from Doll Hair


Does anyone know how to take the tangles out of doll's hair? I have tried fabric softener and hair conditioner neither worked. Thanks in advance

By Mari


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By t [2] 06/18/2011

Hi, I wear synthetic wigs often. This is not human hair is often made of material similar to the dolls hair. It can get so tangled you want to scream! I use a wig detangler spray called Bobos Remi leave in conditioner. It comes in a purple spray bottle. You can buy a small bottle for $2.99 at one of the asian beauty supply stories (often in the urban shopping centers). It works wonders and has saved many of my wigs. You can also order it online. It comes in larger bottles also.

My daughter has started using it on her dolls hair and it works fabulously. Hope that helps

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By Lisa [2] 06/18/2011

My daughter has a couple American Girl dolls. That hair is something else! I don't remember the hair on my dolls as a child getting this tangled. One thing they recommend is using a metal wig brush.

I've fixed the messes my daughter has created. I keep a spray bottle with water and spritz often. I work on small sections starting from the bottom of the length of hair, and gradually work my way up. I've never tried this wig detangler, but I'll look into it! Once the hair is tangle-free I braid it, to keep it neat longer. When we visited the salon at the American Girl shop (yeah, I know . . . ), they used the little plastic hair ties/elastics instead of the fabric covered ones. They said they recommend cutting the ties out instead of pulling them out (gentler on the doll's hair), and the little plastic ones are cheaper than the fabric ones.

I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck with the tangles!

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