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Replacement Hooks for a Dual Shower Curtain Rod

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I have a double slit shower curtain rod where you hang the curtain on one side and the liner on the other. Where can I find replacement hooks?

By Desiree from MI


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By Jackolyn Smith [14]03/23/2011

We got some nice looking stainless steel double hooks at Home Depot. They were only about $7 and they'll last forever because they don't rust, stain, or break!

By ellen [3]03/23/2011

Vermont Country Store has them. Look online.


I've seen these at several local bed and bath type stores but in a pinch the regular round single curtain hooks, which you can find even in hardware stores, that snap closed should work just as well (that's what I've always used when hanging both a liner and an exterior cloth curtain. Both should fit quite well on one hook as long as you place them in the hooks correctly) and they are most likely a lot less expensive than the specialty hooks.

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