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Making Real Looking Tree For Son's Room

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I am decorating my son's room in an outdoor theme (clubhouse mural, canopy above bed, etc.). I would like to make a real looking tree (as opposed to painting it) to put in a corner so I could hang a canopy from the tree branches above his bed. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

MDB from Ardmore, OK



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By Sandee (Guest Post)07/04/2008

I would use real tree branches and silk leaves. Have fun!

By Tammy, Wintersville, Oh (Guest Post)07/03/2008

We scrunched and stapled brown craft paper to card board cut into a tree trunk shape to make the trunk of the tree and attached it to the wall, then we twisted craft paper for branches and hung them down from the ceiling. It was up for just a week in a cabin at a state park for decoration of our dinning hall, but it was still in perfect shape even with the damp weather.

By dolly (Guest Post)07/01/2008

I once took a tree branch, poplar, while it still had leaves on it, and hung it from the ceiling with eye hooks and fishing line. The leaves dried but stayed on for a very long time. Find one that has been knocked down by wind or that someone is pruning.

By (Guest Post)06/30/2008

Its hard to say without seeing the room but what I would do is paint one on the wall and then add real branches nail them to the wall you could use branches for like a hat rack or coats........

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