Solutions for a Cloudy Turtle Tank

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Turtles defecate in the water of their tank, making keeping it clear a challenge. This is a guide about solutions for a cloudy turtle tank.



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Question: Persistent Cloudiness in Turtle Tank

I persistently have a problem with the water in my turtle tank being cloudy. It's about 150 gallons and I have four 2inch wide red ear sliders. I put zoo med Reptisafe in the water daily as well as exo biotine. I have two filters as well. I clean up any uneaten food and my water is still foggy! What should I do?


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Question: Cloudy Turtle Tank

My turtle's water is very cloudy (to the point of not being able to see him though the water) and stinks very badly! I am changing the water every single say and have a very good (and expensive) filter. What is causing the cloudiness and what do I do to stop it?

By Bryan from Vancouver, BC

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By Nikki 6 11/19/2010

I have had my Red Ear Slider for about 9 years. I have 125 gallon tank for him. I also worked at a pet store for a few years. Cloudiness is usually caused by a build up of ammonia in the water. You might have spent a lot of money on a filter but it could be a crap filter if it doesn't have the right media in it. For turtles you need a carbon zeolite mix (it is black and white).

Keeping rocks in your tank can help but makes sure you don't buy aquarium gravel that your turtle can swallow. Also there is a product called Zoo Med ReptiSafe Conditioner it is blue; I would use this as a water conditioner.
Let me know if you have any other questions about your turtle or filter

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Question: Turtle Tank Water Cloudy

Two turtles on the lawn.I have had so many problems with my turtles and really need help! My water is consistently either yellow or cloudy. When it's yellow, I use turtle conditioner, but it didn't really work so I cleaned the whole tank again. Now my water is really cloudy to the point it's hard to see right through, I have only had these two turtles for 3 months.

Their shells are also starting to go a little white, perhaps shedding? I've been trying to get them in the sun more in case that was the problem. Please help I just want a clean tank with healthy turtles. Should I feed them in separate water to stop the tank from going cloudy and dirty? Help would be greatly appreciated!


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