How Do I Clean a Black Sink?


I have a black (stone) Moen sink. The finish has a white powdery looking scum all over it no matter what I do to clean it. I've used a Magic Eraser repeatedly to clean it. This does a good job temporarily, but then the white powdery look comes back. Please help!

By Deborah from TX


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By Lilac 20 1,333 09/03/2010

The finish is scrubbed off. You might be able to coat it with something. Call a cabinet maker of write to the company on line.

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The white powdery film/spots are simply dried water spot residue that builds up and is going to come back (because it's a black sink) unless you wipe the sink out with a dry cloth on a regular basis. Been there, done that and that's why I like stainless steel now. ;-) LOL!

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Archive: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

I need help cleaning my black sink. I think it's some sort of granite. It always has a white film no matter what I clean it with.

By Nancy from Longview, TX

RE: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

Try using white vinegar. I use it for cleaning my coffee pot and also I let my shower nozzle soak in a cup of white vinegar. (05/11/2010)

By dragonflysue

RE: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

I would try a Mr. Clean eraser. I use one on my stainless steel sink and it really shines it up. I wash my sink with dish washing liquid, and then rub the Mr. Clean eraser over the sink. It shines it great like you can't believe! (05/11/2010)

By Deborah570

RE: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

It is possible the white is calcium from your hard water. I would try vinegar. That usually works on other calcium deposits in teapots and coffee makers. (05/11/2010)

By sawn61

RE: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

Hi Nancy - a fellow Longview-ite here! Every few days I clean my sink with general all purpose cleaner (Bar Keeper's Friend, Softscrub, or even just Dawn dishsoap, etc.) but then afterward, dry all the water out and then wipe it down with any of the following: STP Vinyl Protectant, Armor All, WD40, or baby oil. They all work great and keep it shining for several days. It's also a good habit to get into to wipe the water out of the sink after each use (I'm a Flylady fan!). This keeps the shine going for many more days than if you don't. Good luck! (05/11/2010)

By cjirby

RE: How Do I Clean a Black Sink?

Ask someone at the store where you bought it. They should be able to help. (05/13/2010)

By Maryeileen

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