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What Turned My Silver Plate Tableware Yellow?

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My silver plate tableware is turning yellow. A friend said it was from dishwasher detergent that had lemon in it. I cleaned it up and switched to Cascade "Shine Shield Fresh Scent" formula, and the same thing is happening!

What's up with that?

By Charlier from Phoenix


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By tootstoy105/05/2014

I have washed my silverplate in dishwasher for 30 years with various brands of soap. Now, it is turning yellow. I think it is because something has been removed from dishwashing detergent. Has anyone solved this problem? I would prefer not having to wash by hand.

By Anonymous [848]09/03/2010

The silver plate is damaged from the chemicals in the dishwasher soap and 'any' dishwasher soap will do that to real silver or silver plate. I am assuming when you said you 'cleaned them up' that you meant reviving them with silver polish? Clean them up again and then only wash in the sink with regular dish soap from now on. ;-)

By susan [5]09/03/2010

I know that you cannot put aluminum and stainless steel touching in the dishwasher because the aluminum will have a reaction and change colors. Could silver plated silverware have a similar reaction to something?

By Louise B. [4]09/03/2010

I don't know why it is turning yellow, but I am also suspicious of your dishwashing detergent or the reaction of your water with this detergent. I used to wash my silverware in the machine daily, and never got any yellow color. Are you using a rinse agent? It could be that. I would suggest you consult with your neighbours who would have the same water, and see if anyone has the same problem. Or, keep trying different soaps.

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