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Cooking a Perfect Turkey Breast

making a turkey breast

Roasting a turkey breast so that it is moist and tasty can be tricky. This is a guide about cooking a perfect turkey breast.



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Tip: Cooking Turkey Breast

I use a cooking bag and always put the breast meat side down in the pan, so all the juice stays in the meat

By cleanupmom55 from Franklin, PA

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Question: How to Cook the Perfect Turkey Breast?

Do you have any tips for cooking the perfect (and NOT dry) turkey breast? My son complains every year that my turkey is always so dry. Because it is just the three of us, I usually only cook a small turkey breast. HELP me cook that perfect Thanksgiving turkey this year! :) Thanks in advance!
Sue A.

Most Recent Answer

By Arthur04/16/2011

I have what is probably a dumb question. I have two turkey breasts, one 2.9 lbs and one 3.9 lbs. Both have to be cooked at the same time in the same oven. How does one calculate the necessary cooking time in such a situation"
Thanks in advance,