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Finding Free Furniture

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Finding Free Furniture

If you need to furnish your home or apartment inexpensively, it doesn't get any better than finding free furniture. This is a guide about finding free furniture.


Solutions: Finding Free Furniture

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Tip: Sign Up for Local Freecycle

I sign up for the freecycle yahoo posting in our area. I received some really nice furniture this way. Also in Florida, what people don't want they put on the curb, and you are free to take it. We look at the piece to see if it is good or worth redoing.

By Lori M. from Palm Bay, FL

Tip: Watch for Discarded Furniture

Find out when large item garbage pick-up is happening around you. In the days before that date, inspect furniture sitting at roadside. Explore the alleys and dumpsters behind places of business. Sometimes businesses discard slightly worn furniture that is still useable.

By Vivian P.

Tip: Finding Free Furniture

When I need something I ask my friends to "ask around" for me. Most of the time someone has the item and they simply want to get it "out of the way". When I wanted a full size bed to put in the basement for the nights that Tornado warnings are out, I did exactly that. And sure enough someone had a nice bed to give away. Works for me!

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Here are questions related to Finding Free Furniture.

Question: Finding a Cheap or Free Bed

I am 62 yrs old. I am single with no one to help me. I have heart disease as well as other medical problems. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap or free bed?

By D.M. Peterson


Best Answers

By Patricia Nicholas [13]02/17/2014

Have you tried ? There is usually a local chapter within a few miles of wherever you live. Go to the national site and they will direct you to your local sites, then just ask for what you need.

Best Answers

By redhatterb [1]02/16/2014

Go to the office of your local Salvation Army and tell them you need a bed and they will give you a voucher to take to their Thrift Store for a free bed. That being said, if they have any beds. Also most thrift stores won't let people pick from the best choices for free items. They usually have a separate section of free stuff. Another thing most of the thrift stores require that you pick up the items yourself. Another option would be an air mattress, you can get some that are quite good for not too much, and some of them are almost as tall as a bed. Also talk to your pastor he just might know somebody that has a spare bed that they would donate and sometimes they might also take up a special offering for a needy member of the congregation.

Question: Sources of Free Furniture

I moved into an apartment. It's low income and I get paid by the state and don't have any money to get furniture. Can anyone tell me who to contact to get help in Polk county Florida?

By Molly from Winterhaven, FL


Best Answer

By redhatterb [1]01/10/2014

The Salvation Army is all over. It might not be in your actual town, but would be no more than 50 miles away. Go to their office and tell them what you need, and it has to be basics only, no electronic items. They will give you a voucher for the items you need and you will get them free, if they have them.

More than likely they won't let you pick from the better items that they can sell. That being said, more than likely you will need a way to transport the items yourself. The state might be paying your rent, but you must have some cash income to pay utilities, etc. You can always use an air mattress for a bed and you can get them fairly cheap. I have adult grandkids that have been doing that for years because they can't afford beds.

In the living room you can get buy with cheap folding chairs or those plastic looking outdoor chairs. For end tables in the living room those plastic storage totes can serve two purposes, they can be for storage and as end tables at the same time. You can get by without a kitchen table, you can sit on a chair and hold your plate. If you have a pastor talk to him/her, they might know some people that have some old furniture sitting around that they would be willing to donate.

Question: Finding Donated or Cheap Furniture

Does anyone know where a nonprofit organization can go to get donated or cheap furniture to decorate an office in or near Philadelphia?

By A. Thomas

Best Answer

By redhatterb [1]02/13/2014

You can always get cheap furniture at thrift stores. Also go to Craig's list and All the items might not match, but I have worked in a couple non-profit offices that had donated furniture that didn't match. One of the offices did have matched chairs in the lobby and a nice big table with matching chairs in the conference room and those items had been acquired from another office that was re-decorating.

Question: Finding Free or Low Cost Furniture

With limited funds, 100.00 per month, that I have left after bills are paid, how can I get a bed and furniture for a one bedroom apartment in Georgia?
I am on SSDI and have tried the social services, but to no avail.

By Marie

Most Recent Answer

By Judie05/11/2013

I'd try garage sales. Usually they're just wanting to get rid of everything so you can get some great buys. I have a desk I bought for $5. Spray painted it & now it looks completely different. Also, check out your local thrift stores. Good luck to you!

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I am a married settled lady needing help with beds for 7 boys. My husband has been out of work for 2 years. We are really in of some furniture. We do not know where to look or get help. Any suggestions?

By Sabrina

Most Recent Answer

By Earla Unangst [1]01/20/2013

Try looking up a Freecycle group in your area. Go on yahoo groups & enter freecycle. I have found a lot of nice items on there. Also you can pass along things you don't want anymore. Also craigslist under free items. Some newspapers also have free items. Some things might need cleaned up but usually are decent. Check in your area for a social service who helps people in need. Good luck.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

How do I find free furniture for my apt.?

By DeeCee

Most Recent Answer

By Crafty_Witch [12]04/08/2013

I see that people recommended FreeCycle and Craig's list. I don't do Craig's List because it's too fast paced, things are here one second and gone the next- for me its like being on Ebay or at another online auction.

Freecycle.ORG is the best way to go, in my opinion. You have to create an account (which is FREE to do), but once you do that you can ask or give away stuff.
The basic rule to remember on though is that for every ONE (1) post of an item you want (say, "office chair", for example), you have to post FIVE (5) items you are giving away. The thing is the items you are giving away don't have to be a million-dollar item, just something that you think someone might be able to use or take apart and use the pieces for something else.

Good luck!

Question: Finding Furniture for a Family in Need

In July I went into the hospital, I was there for a month and while I was there I lost my house and everything that was in it. My 8 year old granddaughter stays with me. Now we have moved to an apartment. We have no beds, no couch, nothing; we are sleeping on the floor. I have gone to different organizations asking for help, but it seems like nobody wants to help. I will be able to go back to work next month. It's hard, struggling everyday, to make sure we eat. What do you suggest?

By patrica H

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]09/25/2013

Check out

Question: Finding Cheap or Free Bedroom Furniture

I'm moving for the first time, and need help with getting bedroom furniture for my son and I. Where can I find cheap or free furniture? Thank you.

By Kia

Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]04/10/2013

Try the website: There are freecyclers all over the world who give stuff away FOR FREE, hence the name! You just post what you want and then wait for replies. You have to pick the items up yourself, and your first post has to be a giveaway, but it can be a magazine, a pair of socks, or anything useful to someone else. Great site for free furniture, clothing, groceries, and lots of other stuff.

Question: Finding Free Beds

I'm a single parent with 2 beautiful girls, ages 16 and 12. I'm in dire need of 2 twin beds. Where can I get them?

By Brenda J.

Most Recent Answer

By Charlene B.11/20/2013

Try some of these links for Freecycle
You can probably find some free beds before the day is over! Good luck.

Question: How to Find Free or Inexpensive Furniture

I am a mom in need of household items, furniture, twin bed, double bed and mattress and boxspring for both, living room stuff, and kitchen stuff. I need all of it. Thank you and God bless.

By Kellie from Columbus, IN

Most Recent Answer

By linda roberts [7]03/21/2011

Go to craigslist and put in your city. and there is a free section. Check daily. Also check your thrift stores about volcher programs for needy families. Good luck.

Question: Finding Inexpensive Furniture

I need to know how to find a bed and dresser. I am on SSDI, so I cannot afford much.

By Glenda

Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. [82]01/31/2012

You need to buy a new mattresss. Costco sells one of memory foam that is relatively inexpensive and very comfortable. There is an ongoing epidemic of bedbugs so it is not wise to bring in a used mattress.

Question: Free or Inexpensive Furniture

How can I find free living room furniture? I have been on Craig's List, but it is too expensive.

By Richard

Most Recent Answer

By Heather Stimmel [2]04/26/2012

Word of mouth is the best place! Tell everyone you know you're looking for free, or cheap, furniture. Also... Freecycle is an awesome place to find (and get rid of!) (Free stuff) Just google Freecycle and the link should come up. Once you click on the link, it will allow you to select the state/county where you live... then, it will direct you to the group/groups nearest you.

Finally... keep your eye out for items in trash cans (on the side of the road), on other people's porches (where you're pretty certain they're just using the porch as storage), in alleyways (where some people keep their unwanted items), and... if you're not too squeamish and are good at hide-and-seek, lol, try dumpster diving. Anywhere where people live or frequent, you can find unwanted items (i.e. colleges, apt. complexes, behind stores, shops, restaurants, fix-it shops, schools, hospitals, etc.).

You'll be surprised all you can find using this method! Just, be safe... ideally, have someone with you (as a "look-out"). Use garbage bags to store your finds, and... if ever you're approached by a store manager/owner (or police officer, which is rare, unless someone calls them). Be polite and kind and comply with what they ask (i.e. if they say it's illegal, say you didn't know that.

If they instruct you not to come back to that location, I wouldn't risk it. That doesn't mean you can't do so elsewhere, and if they really press the issue, tell them you would like a copy of the law/ordinance which states you cannot dumpster dive. Often one does not exist.).

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I need free home and kitchen furniture. Please let me know the best places to look.

By Y. Murugan

Most Recent Answer

By ComputerScott [1]11/12/2011

It's easier said than done. Try the Salvation Army.

Question: Finding Free or Inexpensive Appliances

I am in need of a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. I lost just about everything and need some help. Any ideas where I can find replacements.

By Cynthia J from Wyandotte, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Diane [13]06/27/2012

Home depot takes trade in appliances then sells them cheap!

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I just moved in a new house and I do not have any living room furniture. Where can I find free furniture?

By Leshekia

Most Recent Answer

By roberta07/13/2011

You can also try here: and find your state and city (or city closest to you) It's a group dedicated in instead of filling up landfills with stuff they don't want, they try and find it a new home. Good luck!

Question: Finding Free Furniture and Kitchen Items

I need some free stuff, including a sofa and cooker, but I don't know where to start.

By Heather

Most Recent Answer

By hannah w [7]10/21/2013

You could go on bisman if you are in the Bismarck mandan area

Question: Finding Cheap or Free Furniture

I'm a single mother of 2. I receive disability and some government help. I have been living with my sister and I just qualified for my own apartment. I'm in need of furniture. My income source is barely enough to pay rent and expenses. I don't have enough left to buy furniture. If any one can help me find away to find some very cheap furniture it would be very much appreciated. Thank you, a family in need.

By sandovalangie from El Paso, TX

Most Recent Answer

By AJ [7]05/26/2013

Check out for a local group. Great group and I have helped and been helped many times by the wonderful people I have met through it.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

Do you know where in the Berks county area I can find an organization that helps people out with free furniture?


Most Recent Answer

By Donna [9]03/07/2013

Question: Finding a Source for Furniture Vouchers

If anyone has any information as to where I would be able to obtain furniture vouchers, please pass along the information. My family's home was destroyed in a fire and we lost everything. We were blessed to find a new place and would appreciate your help in finding furniture vouchers. Or if you can tell me how to find couches, beds, kitchen supplies, or anything that would help, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

By jewels2 from PA

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Anne Guryn [2]06/28/2012

The Red Cross is a source for vouchers.

Question: Finding Free or Inexpensive Furniture

I looking for furniture in my area. How can I find free or inexpensive furniture? I am needing a dresser, an old TV, and stands for a split box spring for a queen and a full size mattress.

By Shanaw from Mt Airy

Most Recent Answer

By Nancy [6]12/17/2011

Check out "Free" on Craigslist.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

My wife and I need a bed. We are sleeping on the floor.

By 1mariahsdad

Most Recent Answer

By Verity Pink [34]02/08/2014

Quick PS - you could also post a "wanted" ad to your local Freecycle or Freegle.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

My two girls, boyfriend, and I moved and we don't have any furniture. We sleep on the floor and also eat on the floor. Is there any organization that could help us?

By Sandra

Most Recent Answer

By Mindy01/27/2014

Hey there! Check the free section of your town's or freecycle. Also, check with anyone you know in your new area. Tell them you are on the lookout for furniture - a lot of people have extras they are willing to part with. You can also make requests on or craigslist for what you want/need. You would be surprised how many people are willing to give it for free.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I have a 2yr old, a 3yr old, a 5yr old, and am 5 months pregnant, can't work at the moment. I found bed bugs in my beds and furniture, about a month ago. I had to throw out, two couches, my and one of my kids whole be and my other two kids' boxsprings. Because I left the plastic on their mattress, bugs didn't get them. It's very hard for me sitting and laying on the floor, I called my foodstamp worker, have gotten no reply. I don't know what to do!

By Kelon

Most Recent Answer

By susan [8]01/30/2014

Fumigating may not get rid of the bed bugs unless you get it done several times. If you live in an apartment, they may find their way back through the walls from another's apartment. It also wouldn't be healthy for your small children or you, being pregnant.

Look for food grade diatomaceous earth; get a large sack, and spread it throughout your place and your belongings. Leave it for a week or so if you can, then vacuum it up. You will hear of warnings not to breathe it in, but that is for non-food grade, which is a poison (different chemical make-up). Food grade is safe and can even be eaten. It is relatively cheap - about $35.00 for a 50 pound sack - much cheaper than an exterminator, and works much better. It works for bedbugs, fleas, spiders, roaches, etc, and can be taken internally for worms, parasites, arthritis, etc.

For furniture, checkout freecycle, garage sales, a church, even a newspaper add might work. It may not be totally free, but cheap.

Question: Free or Inexpensive Living Room Furniture

I am receiving SSDI and am in need of free or inexpensive living room furniture. If anyone knows where I can get a couch, that would be great. God bless.

By frahm47 from Aurora, CO

Most Recent Answer

By weinerdog41 [34]10/01/2013

Think outside the box. If you don't have anything to sit on try an inexpensive lawn chair. If you can't find a sofa at the thrift store why not a chair or recliner. When you can't afford to buy you take what's available. Try freecycle but like someone said you will have to pick it up unless you're lucky enough to find a good Samaritan.

Question: Finding Free Used Appliances

I need to find a free used small gas stove and refrigerator. I was ill and hospitalized for a week in October, 2012. My doctor put me on medical leave for three weeks after being discharged. I was off without pay, so I lost my place and all of my stuff. I am now back at work and feeling so much better. I have found a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house for my daughters, granddaughter, and I. I have an 18 year old daughter who is a senior in high school, an 8 year old daughter, and an 11 month old granddaughter. We have asked everyone. Although I have returned to work I am not able to purchase these items at this time. I had to pay past due utility bills, rent plus deposits.

By Frelicia

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [54]04/04/2013

Go to your social services agency. They have lists and contact people who can help immediately.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

Where can I find free furniture? We are struggling and have no money for new things. My old couch is years old. We are down to the metal; sitting on it is hard and hurts. May God bless as you touch our lives. Thank you so much. I will be praying for someone to help. Thanks.


Most Recent Answer

By Karen [12]08/01/2011

I was helping a friend move, and one of the men that was also helping worked for a local furniture store. He metioned that there are people out there that change furniture quite often. A lot of this goes in the dumpster and there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe you can check with them or someone that works there, they can keep an eye out for what you need.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I am trying to find charities to help me get a bed, freezer, dressing table, and TV unit. I am on benefits and lost my home and everything in it. I just moved to a new property. I need help. Does anyone know where I can get help?

By Jacqueline

Most Recent Answer

By P.Rosendahl [1]02/27/2014

Look on Craigslist. There is an area called "free" and very often, daily (at least in Tampa FL) there are new listings of free furniture offered. Don't be bashful in mentioning this need to others. Friends of friends often would like to donate something to someone in need.


Question: Finding Free Furniture

I'm a single mother. My daughter and I are moving. We need a couch, dining table, and dressers. Are there any places near me that help low income families with getting furniture for free?

By c_bear1985

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]12/29/2013

You didn't say where you are. But, look on Craigslist in the free section, or your local site. Good luck. As for the question of didn't you have them before... some single moms' have to flee to be safe. Sometimes you sell what you had to move on then hope you can replace it, or sometimes you have so much time in between residences that storing isn't an option.
I hope this helps.

Question: Free Furniture

We live in a low income 2BR apartment. My girls don't have beds and we all sleep in my king bed now. Rikki 9 and Adeana 6 are getting too big and we barely fit. It's also me and Zara 3. We need a couch and love seat. I support all of us with my disability check. I can't work; that goes to bills, electricity, clothes, and shoes. I don't know where to go for help.

By sarah

Most Recent Answer

By nancy [1]05/03/2013

Please go to .. put in your city and state and see if there is a group near you. You can post a wanted for the things that you need. And to redhatterb..everyone has the right to want furniture. If you want to live in a bare room that is your choice but do not judge people. Good luck to you and your children.

Question: Finding Free Furniture

I'm looking for a nice clean used mattress and box springs. I just moved into an apartment and the person that was giving me a queen mattress and springs decided to keep it so I am looking. I also need a loveseat. My apartment is not that big, plus it's just me. If you can help me, with ideas of where to find these items, I would deeply appreciated it and God bless you. I'm in Latonia, Kentucky, 3 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you.

By Jimmy

Most Recent Answer

By Jean L.12/05/2012

Try looking on, a site which gives away things in an effort to keep them out of landfills. Satisfy the joining requirement, and then you can ask for and get almost anything including furniture.

Question: Finding Inexpensive or Free Furniture

I need to find a couch, chair, kitchen table with 4 chairs, TV stand, TV, microwave, coffee table, end tables, computer desk, dishes, actually just about everything. Any suggestions?

By Jean

Most Recent Answer

By Mindy11/06/2012

Consider two sources: freecycle for your area - go to and register--you will receive emails of free items that people in your area are giving away, and the free section of You will want to check this regularly, as people jump on the free items pretty quickly.
There is a lot of stuff to wade through, but I've seen some nice quality items given away, as well. Good luck!

Question: Ideas for Finding Free Furniture

Where can I find a source for free furniture, carpet, ie. beds, a washing machine, fridge, freezer, wardrobe, sofa or chair, etc. Thank you.

By Shane

Most Recent Answer

By Veronica [10]05/24/2011

You might try Freecycle - I don't know too much about it, but i know people list stuff that they want to give away for free. Also, check curbs after yard sales (1 or 2 in the afternoon.) A lot of people put stuff on the curb with FREE signs on them rather than bothering to cart them back into the house. Call local churches - they would know of any charities that give away free furniture to people in need. Good luck!

Question: Finding Free Furniture in Australia

Where can I find free furniture?

By Kiren from Brisbane

Most Recent Answer

By Lili [3]11/30/2010

Try I use it all the time. They have groups all over Australia.

Question: Finding Free Furniture and Clothing

I am a single mother of 5 and I have sickle cell anemia. I get sick a lot and need help getting my kids furniture, food, and and clothes. I can't work. Does anyone know where I can get help?

    By Crystal H. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [12]09/23/2015

    Where do you live, Crystal?
    First, go to your local Social Services. You're probably using some of their services now, but you might not be aware of all they have to offer.
    For instance, where I live, they have a Christmas toy drive every year and also a back to school supplies drive every year. We have a food pantry. So be sure they tell you where all the community resources are.
    Next, local churches are a good place to help. One church in my area gives away food boxes. There is a free clothing giveaway run by another local church.
    Third: Social Media. I'm on my local Community Page on facebook. Often when people need help because of a house fire or other unfortunate circumstance others in the community are very willing to help.
    Good luck.

    Question: Help Finding Gas Range

    I have been trying to find a gas range, so I may cut back on my electric. I can't afford the high price to purchase a new stove and the used prices aren't very good either. I am on a limited income from SSI, and bills keep coming.

    Christmas is very slim in my hose this year, because I am still trying to replace things from my house fire last year. I have no children and need only one thing this Christmas and that is a gas range. Can anyone help?

    By Jeanette G.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]12/12/2013

    Have you tried St. Vincent DePaul charities. they usually have appliances available for a very small amount.

    Question: Finding Free or Inexpensive Furniture

    I am a single parent on disability with two kids. I need help with beds and livingroom furniture. I can not walk; how do I get help?

    By Patricia

    Most Recent Answer

    By redhatterb [1]11/18/2013

    If you are on disability I bet you are on food stamps and maybe even housing assistance. Which means you should have a small amount of cash to go to thrift stores and yard sales looking for cheap furniture. Also if your disability is physical, you would have a hard time moving the items because most of the places that sell cheap furniture and give it away expect the person receiving it to transport it themselves.

    Go to the office of your nearest Salvation Army and tell them what you need and they will give you a voucher to take to their Thrift Store and if they have the items on the list they will give them to you, but be prepared to transport and unload it when you get home. Most places also won't let you pick from the best, they save that to sell, but even then you have to transport it. There is also Craigslist and

    Also talk to your pastor, they might know of some people that have things they want to get rid of. As far as beds go, you can use inexpensive air mattresses. I have two adult grandchildren that are doing that, and one grandaughter who uses a futon at night and in the daytime it is a couch. In the living room you can get buy with your kitchen chairs. For tables in the living room you can use those storage totes, and then you have tables and storage.

    Question: Help Getting a Free Mattress

    Does anyone know of a grant program or charity or something like that that could help me get a good mattress for my bad back and neck? I currently have no income. I have filed for disability, but I am awaiting the appeal process. I need one of those good mattresses that will help my neck and back.

    By Tamara from Arlington, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By redhatterb [1]10/29/2013

    I don't know of anyplace that will give you a new "good" mattress. As far as I know there isn't any mattress that will completely help neck and back problems. In fact I haven't even seen any advertisements that sound like that. Most people with back and neck problems have to learn to live with them, or else take pain medications. My spine is full of arthritis and I also have diabetic neuropothy. I told my doctor that I prefer to get by without pain medication as long as I could and she agreed with me because of all the other medications I am on. I taught myself self-hypnosis and that works real well a lot of the time. I tried to get disability and was denied, then went through the appeals process and was still denied. They have a tendency to bring in an expert that will say that there are so many jobs that you should be able to handle within say something like a five state area around where you live, and basically you will be expected to apply for them or stay where you are. No matter what you would decide to do you can still be denied disability. If you don't have any mattress go to your local Salvation Army Office and tell them you need a mattress and they will give you a voucher to take to their thrift store for a mattress and if the store has any mattresses you will get one free, but don't expect it to be some high end thing, like you sound like you want. More than likely you will be expected to transport yourself too.

    Question: Finding a Free Bed

    I am a 52 year old veteran and a mother of four children. On May.17,2013 I was walking in the cross walk going home when a red pick up truck ran over me and kept going. I broke a few ribs, shattered my pelvis, tore my bladder, broke my clavicle, and my right arm. I truly need a bed, I can not continue to sleep on the floor with the type of injuries I have. I am a low income parent and I'm unable to afford a soft bed. So please point me in the right direction of someone/company that can help. God bless you all and thank you with all my heart.

    By Uraina

    Most Recent Answer

    By redhatterb [1]08/09/2013

    Most of the places that will give out free furniture will expect you to be able to haul it. Your best bet, providing you have somebody that will take you to pick it up, will be to go to the office of your local Salvation Army and ask for a voucher for a free bed. They will give that to you, to take to their Thrift Store, and if the store has any beds to give away, they will give it to you. They don't always have the items that a person needs. Most of the stores won't let a person pick from their best items, they will have a certain section set aside for free items. You could also speak to the pastor of your church, he might know of people in the congregation that have an extra bed, and would be willing to deliver it. Also sometimes the pastor of a church will take up a special anonymous offering for a member that needs help.

    Question: Finding Free Furniture

    Are there anywhere that I can get my girl at least a full side bed?

    By Kacheela from Ridgeland, MS

    Most Recent Answer

    By Gloria Z [10]03/04/2013

    If it's the bed frame you need go to a Salvation Army store or thrift shop. I would not recommend buying a used mattress because that's a good way to bring home bed bugs. Instead go to the phone book or you're search engine and look for company's that make mattresses. Generally, they always have irregulars - mattresses not good enough for the retail stores that they sell at good discounted prices.

    Question: Finding Free Furniture in Wilmington North Carolina

    Is there anyone giving away any used free furniture in Wilmington, NC?

    By Felicia

    Most Recent Answer

    By redhatterb [1]11/24/2012

    Talk to your pastor, there might be some people in the congregation that would have some. Also you could go to the Salvation Army (not the church, but the office) tell them what you need and they will give you voucher to take to their thrift store for free furniture. They might not have what you need but it would be worth a try.

    Also the only things that they give out free, are actual necessities, not TVs, etc. In a lot of cases you will also have to be able to transport it yourself. There are probably other places, and in some of them you might need a reference from a social worker. You could also call the Department of Social Services and ask if there are any places to get free used furniture.

    Also be aware that what you get free isn't always in great condition or even looks nice. If you can get stuff from your churches congregation, that would most likely be in better condition. Also some of the charities that give out free furniture only let you pick from certain items. They price the items in the thrift stores according to condition and they won't let you pick from the better pieces.

    Question: Finding Listings for Free Office Furniture

    Where can I get listings for free, donated office furniture, in Anaheim, CA?

    By Tonya

    Most Recent Answer

    By Paula Jo C. [24]06/07/2011

    This is a common problem, take this to a body shop or to a glass shop or fix it yourself this way.

    1. Take a piece of masking tape and place it on the outside of the windshield where you see the glue that was originally holding up the review mirror.
    2. In the base of the mirror there is a tab that you remove from the mirror. itself
    3. Take a single edge razor blade and remove the glue that is left on the window and on the tab.
    4. Take some 220 grit sand paper and sand the area where the mirror used to stick. (This is why you mark the windshield first with a piece of tape so that you will know where it goes back).
    5. Sand the flat side of the tab that would stick to the windsheild.
    6. Then go to Auto Zone or Advance Auto and get "Locktight" rear view mirror adhesive. (Locktight is one word.)
    7. Read the directions to the Locktight rear view mirror adhesive.
    8. Follow the directions and place the little tab that holds the mirror in place on the windshield. Give it at least 24 hours to cure and set itself then you can slide the mirror back up on the tab.
    Better yet take it to a windshield repair shop and they'll fix it at little expense to you.

    Keep us posted on what you end up doing. Martin Williams is a Auto Body Repair Shop owner and class room instructor at the area community college on Auto Body Repair.

    Question: Free Furniture

    I bought a trailer rather than a car and I'm on a very low fixed income. I have two kids. A baby and a 7 yr old. I live in McAllen Texas. It's too far to walk to any place such as a Salvation Army or a Goodwill or any thrift store. I have no friends or family other than my two girls and a taxi will not help on this. Also I have major health issues. So what I'm asking is, who can help me get couches for little or free? I've tried online and it's either way too expensive, they don't speak English, or don't deliver. Please help. My kids are in no danger because of this, I'd just like to sit down on furniture not the ground.

      By Tiger Ann B. [1]

      Question: Obtaining a Voucher for Furniture

      I'm on fix income and I need new furniture and a bed for my daughter. Where can I get a voucher for this?

      By nb