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Welding Cap Pattern

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Does anyone have a welding cap pattern that they could share with me? A printable pattern would be awesome.

Mary from Panama City Beach, FL


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By LaceyLanz_Nixon03/02/2012

I have a huge favor. My husbands a boilermaker. He spends alot of money on welding caps and buys 3-4 a week. Lately, we cant afford them. He wants me to learn to make them for him. I have been trying with patterns for over a month. No luck. I am trying to find someone to send me a step-by-step video and in return I will pay. Please help!

Email LaceyLanz_Nixon AT

By casey [1]05/07/2010

To all great news,
I found a FREE copy on is a great link (the first "m" may be for mobile, if that's the case just forget the "m.") Anyway, the site has the print out and instructions. I really hope this helps everyone out, I know I looked for a pattern forever.

By nicole11/19/2009

I also ordered from paragon and got ripped off. Iif you ordered through paypal as I did contact them and they will investigate it and try to give your money back. Hopefully paypal will shut paragon down.

By Barbara (Guest Post)01/02/2009

I ordered a pattern from Paragon and sent the check and after months I did not receive it. I emailed them but they refused to answer my emails. RIpped me off.

By Donna (Guest Post)12/29/2008

Hi I also need a free weldding cap pattern my grand son is welding in the cold and ice and really needs them! I took onr of his old one a part to make a pattern but he is a big boy and it turned out to small! He needs a 7 1/4 to 7 3/4! Help please!

By Angela (Guest Post)12/04/2008

I have 2 welders cap patterns. I tore apart a commercially made one, and scanned it to a file.
I have a 4 panel or a 6 panel pattern. Contact me at mysticindiancelt (at) yahoo(dot)com

By christle11/04/2008

They do not have them at anymore. Anyone else have any luck?

By Nancy (Guest Post)10/21/2008

Go to there is a pattern for welding caps that can be sent pdf for all sizes it cost 12.95.

By Skittles (Guest Post)09/01/2008

I have been searching. I know they exist and where they would get it. I have a scanner and I'm ready to get one and tear it apart. Then create a myspace with just the hats and gear for free.

By chaz (Guest Post)08/24/2008

I also ordered from Paragon and have gotten nothing!

By Teresa (Guest Post)07/11/2008

I have looked everwhere imaginable for a free pattern for a welders hat. No luck anywhere.

By jen06/02/2008

DH has asked if I would make his welding caps and I can't find a free pattern anywhere. Can anyone help?

By Michelle04/25/2008

I have purchased a welding hat pattern from paragon patterns on march 20 and I still have not got it. I have emailed and called just about everyday and no one will answer the phone, return my calls nor respond to my emails. Has anyone else ordered from them and experienced the same thing?

By Crystal Lynn Logan03/06/2008

did anyone ever find a free welders cap pattern, if so i would like to know also.
thank you
chris logan

By Kathy McAllister (Guest Post)01/23/2008

I would also like a free pattern for a welders cap. I live in Iowa and my son-in-law welds.

By L Collleen Hafer (Guest Post)09/27/2007

A welding cap is not "like a doo rag" although some welders wear the doo rags I guess. I found a pattern for a welding cap through a place in Canada. Try this web:

By (Guest Post)09/03/2007

I am also looking for a pattern for a welding cap. can anybody help? please email at miller_b5775 AT thanks!

By kel (Guest Post)05/06/2007

weldhatter @ ,remove spaces. has welding cap patterns in all sizes. including a welding cap sewing pattern to fit a baby!

By Mary Gallagher03/09/2006

Thanks, I am going to just purchase one...Thanks so much.

By Kelly [15]03/08/2006

I was curious, my DH is into welding (but we don't have a welder!) so I yahooee'd "welding cap" and found.....
Company is Quilting B's Custom It is 10 dollars for the pattern, instructions and unlimited e-mail support. All I have found are to pay, but seem reasonable. Look for a sewing newsletter that has it too.

By Mary Gallagher03/08/2006

No, he says the doo rags won't work..I have found that pattern, it's the only one I can get a hold of. The welding caps are tight fitted caps with a flap that protects ears when welding. Thanks so much for responding though, I appreciate it.

By (Guest Post)03/07/2006

Is that like a "doo-rag"? If so, here is a pattern I found:

All I did was go to google, and search "free pattern" and "doo rag" (in the same search). You could try other combinations, too.


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Question: Welders Cap Pattern

I'm looking for a welder's cap pattern. Can anyone tell me where to get one or if anyone may have one? Thanks.

By Patricia

Most Recent Answer

By Pat01/09/2012

I have made them for my husband. Since head sizes are different, the best way is to take an old one that fits him well, and take it apart. Use the pieces as your pattern. The first time I did this I made a papper pattern and then kept it for future use. Make sure you pre shrink your material before cutting it out as they will need laudering often and you don't want it to shrink and become uncomfortable.

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