Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper


How do I remove ball point ink from paper?

By Lonnie from SC


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By Barbara Pope [12] 03/23/2011

I work as a professional librarian and do book repair and cleaning on a regular basis. I recommend using a Magic Rub eraser which can be purchased at art supply stores, Office Depot, and Office Max. Office Depot.com has them priced at 89 cents. Don't use the pink pearl erasers, as they will only cause it to smear.


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By Betty T. 05/16/2013

I am aware that Rain-x is suppose to work on removing ink from paper but will it remove the color of the paper also? My paper is a bluish thick paper,very old also.

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By Mercedes W. 09/11/2013

I have a magic rub eraser and it is not removing the ink from the book I have. Any other options?

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Question: Removing Ballpoint Pen Ink from Paper

What do I use to remove ballpoint writing without damaging the paper?

By Saad

Question: Removing Ball Point Ink from Colored Paper

I have seen already a lot of great ideas on how to remove ink. My question is more to do with the colour of the paper? I have a very valuable book, but when bought 18 years ago, my then boyfriend had his name written on it. Before I sell it I would rather remove his name.

On another forum I saw results of using bleach on white paper it was fantastic. But I don't want to leave any discolouration to a deep red paper.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Thank you.

By Deborah


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Archive: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

I received a letter and the person scribbled with ball point pen over the address and I need to reply. How do I remove the ink to read?

By Pat

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

Well if you remove the scribbled ink, you're going to be removing the ink below it, too. Maybe the person didn't want you to reply because they scribbled on it? Probably the best thing to do is a thorough Google search about damaged paper restoration on sites that teach how to remove damage from books, etc. or see if you can find a local book restoration in your area. You could also try local stationary stores and see if they have any ideas of how or where. Hope this is of help. (10/13/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

Could you look up the name online in the whitepages.com? They will give you a whole address, but you need to know what town the person lives in. (10/14/2009)

By mulberry204

Archive: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

I have a piece of a old paper that was written on 3 years ago with blue ballpoint pen. How can I remove this ink from the paper without removing the original quality of paper?

By Sanjay

Archive: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

Removing ink from a printed document is very easy using Rain-X windshield protector. Just put a little of Rain-X on a Q-tip, dab on your document, and watch the ink vanish before your eyes. Have a paper underneath for over wetness and just let air dry.

By shark from Commerce, CA

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

I hope this doesn't work on checks or other items that could be altered! (02/22/2011)

By keeper60

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

Shark, maybe this is a weird question, but why in the world would anyone want to remove some of the ink, whether it's the print ink or the pen ink (even pen ink notes or scribbles), from a printed "document"? Sorry to be so skeptical, but sounds like a rather "fishy" (name pun intended) thing to do. (02/23/2011)

By Deeli

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

No harm intended here, but I can't agree more with Deeli. I know hairspray gets ink out of clothing and off painted walls, but I can't think of a good reason for wanting/needing ink off of paper. IMHO, that's what LiquidPaper® is for. (02/24/2011)

By ladybanksia99

RE: Removing Ball Point Pen From Paper

Deeli and ladybanksia99, I'm in agreement with you both. I wanted to add more but thought better. That hint could give bad people good ideas. Thanks. (02/24/2011)

By keeper60

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