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Free Purse Patterns

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I would like to make a couple of purses for my 12 year old grandaughter. Does anyone know of free online patterns for purses for young teens? Thank you for any help you can give me with this!

Susan from Bremen, Georgia



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By James05/26/2009

We just added a bunch of free purse patterns to There are quite a few easy ones that would work for you.
Here are the links...
100+ Free Sewing Patterns for purses

150+ Free Crochet Patterns for purses

400+ Free Knitting Patterns for purses


By melody_yesterday [213]09/01/2008

Here's a really cute one for Halloween ! It looks like maybe it was made with felt but I can't be sure.

one to download free :

under the pic : click to see purses made with these instructions :

a whole sleu of purses & bags

here's some from ... Bags_Totes_Purse_Sewing_Projects.htm

if you like to do "felting" :

this site will redirect you to :

55 handmade purses ... e_pattern_u_purse_handle.html?cat=46

How to Make Your Own Purse Pattern ... e_your_own_purse_pattern.html?cat=46 ... category-handbag-purse-patterns.aspx

this one's awsome !

Bags to Sew. Pleated Pouch, Clutch, Drawstring

Wild Ginger Wild Things Free Pattern Download for Hats and Bags

Anykine (Any Kind ... get it?) bag.

3 free patterns all require handles of some sort.

Instructions for Place Mat Purse at J Caroline Creative ... vc?Store_Code=JC&Screen=PLACEMAT

About dot coms list of projects

Sew Young Sew Fun Overnight bag

Sew Young Sew Fun Purse

DIY dot com purse,2046,DIY_14336_26516,00.html

Purse pattern <- looks 80's'ish

Unique Coin Purse

Free Kwik Sew Clutch Purse Pattern

and several more from a "similar pages" search : ... z=1T4GGIK_enUS276US276&

By Bobbie Lee08/15/2008

Have you tried

By Bobbie Lee (Guest Post)08/15/2008

Have you tried

By LAURA BENNETT (Guest Post)12/31/2007

I'm looking for a patter to make a purse from an old pair of denim jeans. Any help is appreciated.

By krista [2]08/13/2006

the site is great, thanks so much for sharing! I have started to make my own purses because the ones in the stores are so expensive and I have always had to settle for what I wanted! Thanks, SEW ON!

By Laurie01/24/2006

There are tons of tutorials at Craftster. Take a look at the "Jordy" bag.

By DeAnna01/23/2006

There's several patterns (or links to patterns) for various kinds of purses -- example: Capri Sun or Koolaid Pack Purses and Placemat Purses on this site or you can post a request if there's some specific pattern you are searching for here:

BlueBonnet Crafters Board:

Hope this helps,


By Pat Wilson [4]01/23/2006

Just type in" Free Purse Patterns" in your search engine block and I am sure you will get alot of sites to vist. I found all kinds Good Luck Seamstress

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