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Paint Color for a Kid With ADHD

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What color should I paint a kids room who has ADHD?

Chyna from New Iberia, LA


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By Jessica L G. (Guest Post)11/18/2008

Research has shown that calming colors and environments DO NOT work for those with hyperactive disorders. It can actually make the problem worse. Please contact for more information or participate in my study and contact me at.
jessica AT


By Linda Smyth (Guest Post)02/20/2007

Many years ago I saw a documentary on prisoners and how they painted a cell a strong pink. When a very violent prisoner was placed in this cell, after half an hour they calmed down completely. Prisoners who were placed in an normal cell were still very angry after an hour in there.

I know that pink may not be a good colour for a boy, or is this a girl that you are talking about?

By (Guest Post)12/06/2006

I'd like to suggest that it's not just about the color, but the atmophere created within the room. For kids with ADHD, a low-tension, calming, relaxing, safe environment is best, so please consider not only colors, but other sights, sounds, and even textures.

Blue is very calming, but all blue can be a bit depressing. Brown and green are colors to use with blue as they are all grounding and natural colors.

Hope that Helps.

By (Guest Post)12/06/2006

i have a son with ADHD and i would say paint the room his favourite colour, just how far do you think this condition is going to affect you?

By susan [5]12/06/2006

Cool colors are the most calming. Stick with any cool blue, green, violet, or in-between shades. I'd be careful to use a medium to light hue, since the darker versions are bolder and more energetic, which is contrary to what you are looking for.

By sandy [63]12/05/2006

i was also thinking blue. it is calming.

By tricia12/05/2006

I would suggest blue, it is supposed to be a very calming color

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