Western/Cowboy Themed Christmas Float Ideas


I am looking for a western/cowboy themed float idea for the Christmas Parade.

Shanon from Mt. pleasant, NC



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By ronny 11/21/2007

Maybe Santa in his sleigh wearing a big black cowboy hat hooked up to a small team of miniature horses - if you can find some. Kids could be dressed as elves throwing "Jolly Ranchers."

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By Anna 1 11/25/2007

Place a Christmas Tree on the float and have a white cowboy hat at the top to represent an angel. Decorate the tree with stars (the sheriff's badge), use rope for the garland on the tree. Also a few old cap guns could go on your tree if you want to represent the old west. Have an adult dressed in western wear "tied" to a chair and have children with stick ponies ride the float. Have the kids dressed in both cowboy and indian styled outfits.

If you are working with a business do a Gambler themed float. Just think about old westerns and shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke and create it.

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By Debbie (Guest Post) 10/02/2008

We took a flat trailer, placed an old conestoga wagon on it, and decorated a live Christmas tree like they would have on the prairie with a garland of popcorn, and a rope with tin vegetable cans on it, We put a hammered out tin can star on top. We went to a costume shop and (here's where you can vary it,) you can either go with a wagon train family theme and folks dress in farm type costumes. We got saloon girl costumes and were visiting the wagon trains near town. We had a sheriff and deputies along with us as well as a couple of folks in red long johns (union jacks) and they carried our banner. We won grand marshall float. It was a hoot. We threw candy. Even the kids were along cause in those days the saloon girls had kids and they were a part of that life. The guys were easy to dress. Just use jeans, bandanas, cowboy hats, boots & spurs and gun belts and dusters. It was really easy.

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