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Craft: Fish Bowl Snowman

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Fishbowl Snowman

Here's a cute snowman head made from an old fish tank.

Approximate Time 30 minutes


  • old fish bowl
  • acrylic paint
  • sealer
  • old hat from stuffed toy or straw hat
  • white spray paint
  • hot glue and gun


Spray paint the fish bowl with the white paint and let it dry. Then paint on your face and let it dry. Seal if you like. Glue on the hat (you could also leave hat off and put in some candy or whatever and give as a gift.)

By Sandy from Bluff City, TN



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By (Guest Post)12/18/2007

With the hat for a cover, why not use it as a candy or cookie jar?

By Judy (Guest Post)11/29/2007

I could see this one with tiny white lights in it! Very cool idea! Thanks. HUGS

By sandra glover [45]11/28/2007

THANKS every one for the nice compliments. i really love to create things and it fills my heart with joy to know that my crafts can help people come up with ideas of thier own and that people enjoy what i make that is a crafters greatest enjoyment. sandy

By suzanne [240]11/27/2007

sandy has submitted many adoable crafts.I always look forward to seeing what she has made next

RE: Craft: Fish Bowl Snowman

By Joan Greer11/27/2007

Sandy, I really like your idea ...he is the cutest guy!
gardenlady, your idea of adding the lights inside is dandy! You know, my mind is going 90 mph with different themes for these bowls. How about a birthday theme bowl with a smiley face and added doodles. Add the lights inside and you have a perfect centerpiece for family birthdays. Or make one and give it to the birthday person as a gift!
You could make one for any kind of celebration, right?
Sandy, did you ever think that your cute snow guy would have created such a "snow storm" of ideas?
Thanks for sharing ... Joan -- Dilley TX

By Maggie [13]11/27/2007

He is waaay cute! Very creative indeed :0) One could add some white christmas lights inside for a nice glow :0)
Maggie in Bloomington, MN

By Robin Herrin11/27/2007

That is the cutest thing I've seen in a while and so very simple that anyone could do it!! You could probably find the fish bowl at a thrift store too for a dollar. I was thinking of painting one with a scarecrow motif, using a straw hat maybe? Great idea!!!!

By Jenifer [1]11/26/2007

I bet you could go to a thrift store and find an overhead light cover that is already white and use it.

By Little Suzy [93]11/26/2007


By grammiecracker (Guest Post)11/26/2007

Very cute idea. You could also paint it yellow and make a happy face with a cap. A nice gift for a 'family' filled with goodies.

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