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8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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My daughter is having 8th birthday party in April. She is a horse lover, but her friends (she is inviting to the party) do not share her passion. I would like some games and activity ideas for the party at home.

Thank you,
Lucy from Surrey, UK



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By GreatIdeas (Guest Post)05/24/2008

I think you could do a horse theme, like pinata. Fill it with sweets subtle for all, if she has any friends that do not eat pork, don't, go for gelatin ones. Why don't you try a girly makeover place, it's called 'Girls just wanna have Fun' and they go to your house and set up stuff, I've had it done to my friend, it was really cool!

By (Guest Post)03/05/2007

My daughter is also just turning 8 and we are having an "It's great to be 8" party. The invites are in the shape of the number 8 and I adapted all the games around the #8. For example, I did a big jar of sweets and they have to guess how many are in the jar. the answer has at least 1 numeral 8 in it. We did a cake walk and all the numbers had 8's (18, 28, 88 etc.) The birthday cake is just small donuts on a plate stuck together with a toothpick to look like an 8. Anyway, you get the idea. Good luck!

By me [3]03/02/2007

Try a scrap booking party, use a digital camera or a polaroid camera to take pics of the kids and magazine clippings of some of their fave. things Like horses for example. Some glitter pens and some stickers and some cheap notebooks or scrap paper tied together with ribbon, and the party should be a lot of fun.
Good luck

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By ElBel12/31/2013

My Sister is turning 8 on the 4th of January and she's stuck with ideas. I've Reccommended Ideas to her and she's been very picky but I could lend you my ideas:
a) Fair theme - guess the jar of lollies, throw a handball at a target, etc.
b) Chef theme - cake deco, cake deco, mini treats baking, taste testing, etc.

By susan10/16/2010

Does your child or her friends like to sing? what about a recording studio party? where I live, each child receives a cd at the end of the party!


Here is a fun idea that kids are amazed by everytime at a party.

Bubble Boy (or Girl)

1) Fill a wading pool with water and bubble mix.
2) Place a stepping stool in the center of the pool.

3) Place a hula-hoop in the pool around the stepping stool
4) Have each child stand on the stepping stool then pull the hula-hoop over the child.
5) The child will find themselves inside a huge bubble.

By Sharon (Guest Post)12/03/2008

I live a small community, therefore my 8 year old son has few friends, but they are very close. I decided this year to buy some inexpensive tshirts and have them each put their handprints on each tshirt, with names below the handprints. 5 tshirts all together.

By taylor (Guest Post)11/30/2008

My sister is having her 8th birthday. I don't exactly know what kind of games. She's not in to Hannah Montana or HSM. Any ideas?

By funinthesun (Guest Post)10/05/2008

Scavenger hunts in the back yard or around the neighborhood are fun for all ages. Just leave a clue at each one and at the end they can find prizes.

By saara (Guest Post)10/05/2008

Spa party

Impress and pamper your friends by inviting them around for a relaxing, uxorious beauty evening at your place. Ask everyone to bring a dressing gown, flip flops, hair bands, a mirror and a face cloth.

Get the mood right by covering the seats and tables with white sheets. Use lamps, or better still, lights to create a relaxing atmosphere and switch some relaxing music. Check out your library for special sounds.

Prepare some healthy spa style snacks and drinks. Sparkling water or fruit juices look good with colored straws and lemon slices. Add fruits to the ice cube tray. You can use fruit, popcorn and little sandwiches for mini bites. Snacks on cocktail sticks are great in case of wet nails.

Gather together group of friends or parents to act as spa staff. Separate beauty stations. Create a poster to outline which services and let the guests pick 3 they would like:

Nifty nails: file away rough edges from nails with an emery board them paint and sprinkle with glitter. Seal with a clear coat.

Magical masks: for each mask, mix together a teaspoon of runny honey, 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt. Mini facial; smooth skin with gentle soap. Leave on four two minutes and then wash away. Massage porridge oats in. rinse with warm water, smooth on banana. Remove with tissue and rinse. Wash with cool water and moisture.

Eye outline: get an ice cold flannel and lie. Apply eyeshadow.

Fruity feet: add a few drops of bubble bath. Pat feet dry and massage with lotion or oil.

End with a model catwalk to show of everyone's new improved faces. Before your guests leave take a photo of them all to process and give out. Our everyone a cup of cocoa and marshmallows.

By Turningten (Guest Post)08/21/2008

Im just turning ten and I don't know what to do for my birthday party. Im not into Hannah Montannah and High School Musical. I want a Pamper Party but I can't find any in Wawickshire.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/25/2008

(sent by email)
Many of the girls in our neighborhood are having Hanna Montana or High School Musical Dance parties. They have rented out a local dance studio and the the girls dress up with hats, boas, crowns wtc. One of the studio's teachers does somes dances with them - then they have pizza, cake etc.

Lisa C

By kimberly samuels (Guest Post)03/09/2008

wow! my daughter is a horse lover this is really her own made up theme

By shauna (Guest Post)10/18/2007

Games for a 9 year old b-day party?

By Ashley03/23/2007

You could always include your daughters passion for horses in games; for example, pin the tail on the horse, a horse pinata', ect.

By Gloria [5]03/06/2007

maybe you could have an animals in general party and incorporate horses so everyone's happy.

By cindy (Guest Post)03/05/2007

Last year at my daughters 9th, I bought fun foam visors and sunglasses and gave them a bunch of stuff to decorate them with like sequins, fun foam shapes etc... then I took of a picture of each of them wearing their masterpieces.

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