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Removing Algae From Patio Bricks

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How do I remove dark green algae from bricks on the patio?

Betsy from Palm Beach, Florida



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By Barbara Petty [13]09/23/2008

Use a Pressure Washer! Sometimes just the pressure of the water alone will remove the green stuff. If your bricks are surrounded by flowers and plants, be careful what you use. Some things like bleach are not good for your plants.

The Tide is a good thing to use. Even if the soap does get on the plants, it just washes the bugs off. :) Vinegar is good too. The clear distilled vinegar is the one to use. Walmart has large Jugs of Vinegar for canning and pickling use right now. So it is easy to find. And you'll find lots of use for this vinegar too.

Vinegar does wonders for some acid loving plants, like Azaleas. In fact, Hubby often uses vinegar in a hose-end container on our azaleas. They look beautiful each spring.
If you cant borrow a pressure washer, you'll need to use a stiff brush to scrub each brick, and around the edges. Or a broom that is very stiff. Have fun!

By Cyinda [214]09/22/2008

Tide & Bleach may work, but first try something nontoxic to the environment like strong vinegar from the plant nursery, or even rent a pressure sprayer... With a pressure sprayer, you don't have to use chemicals (just water) & you don't have to get down on you knees & scrub!

By Gail09/22/2008

See 9/18/08 post for extra uses for Tide detergent (person who got front load washer and didn't want to use regular Tide anymore). One respondent said to sprinkle powder form on sidewalk, wait four days til turns colors and sweep moss/algae away.

By lesley [1]09/22/2008

Mix 1 cup of household bleach with half gallon of water.
Using a very stiff sweeping brush, start scrubbing the area with the water/bleach mixture.

It will take a little elbow grease, but it will do the job

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