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Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy cane decorated with pipe cleaner, google eyes, and a pom pom.

Here's a wonderfully easy craft idea for kids and adults alike! You can use it for your tree, a gift to give, or anything you want! All you need are some candy canes, googly eyes, small pom poms, and brown pipe cleaner. One candy cane makes one reindeer.


  • candy canes
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • small pom pom


  1. Simply twist a piece of pipe cleaner around the top of the candy cane.
  2. Then take two smaller pieces of pipe cleaner and twist one around the top of each of antler to give them more of an "antler" look.
  3. Glue two googly eyes to the front.
  4. Now glue a pom pom nose below the eyes and you're done!

They're delightful little reindeer to decorate your tree or house with, or to give away.

By Stacey from Orem, UT


By Stacey Silva 54 466 12/20/2005 Flag

I'm sorry - I should've added that hot glue works best for everything!

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By Marianne Ashton (Guest Post) 12/21/2005 Flag

What a cute ornament...and so easy for my six yr. old to help with too! Thanks for sharing

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By Maria (Guest Post) 12/21/2005 Flag

this is soooooooooo cute! and my daugther can help make them..thanks for the tip.

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By Angie Hilla (Guest Post) 11/27/2007 Flag

Incredibly cute!

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By Sheila (Guest Post) 12/14/2007 Flag

Use Gluedots, found in the craft department. They are so incredibly easy for children to use, and they really stick, too!

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