Chili is Too Spicy


My husband made a double batch of chili for a picnic tomorrow and it's incredibly hot. Short of throwing it out (hate to do that), can it be saved?

By jabsgram from N. Billerica, MA


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By Judi 18 939 07/07/2009

I'd make a second double batch without spices and put them together. Then I'd take out what I need for the picnic and freeze the rest.

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By Valerie Niederhoffer 2 14 07/07/2009

You could get a bunch of hot dogs and serve it as the chili for chili dogs! Or serve it with lots of cheese and sour cream as the essential part of a burrito-often called tacos. You just put some chili down the center of a flour tortilla then sprinkle cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole on it and fold it up like a iittle bedroll with the foot part tucked up. With all that other stuff it shouldn't be too hot. You'll probably have enough chili left over to freeze for next time.
Also you could cook more beans and/or meat and just keep adding ingredients til it tastes right. Chili is very adaptable.

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By Millicent 07/07/2009

The more tomatoes you add the milder it gets, my son-in-law is Hispanic and that's what his mother says. gr8gran64

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By Merci 2 07/08/2009

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_can_ ... own_if_you_make_your_chili_too_spicy

good luck

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By Shelli Martin 07/08/2009

You can add baking powder to it and it will cut the heat quite a bit. Although if you use too much you will taste the baking soda.

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By Corinne 13 07/08/2009

I used to use too much spice to a black bean chili I made (because the longer it simmered the hotter it got! the lesson being don't add spice till it's simmered/reduced down a bit) and often I would add a can of tomato juice (try V8 which sweetens a bit) or even water (but too much can make it, well, watery - ew!) But I found another can of tomatoes helped with it, and since my husband isn't a tomato fan, I added another can of beans to balance out the textures.

In your case, since I don't know how much exactly you have, add another can of beans, and another of tomatoes, then serve with a sign that says spicy (just in case) and have plenty of sour cream and cheese for the guests to add as toppings.

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By Elizabeth 07/08/2009

I agree with Glens mom. Make another batch and freeze what you don't take to the picnic.

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By Darrell Nolan 07/08/2009

There are several options that I have found will reduce the intensity of the spiciness of your chili: Beer, chocolate (semi-sweet or cocoa powder), peanut butter (assuming no nut allergies) or simply add more unspiced chili to what you already have.

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By Shirley 1 29 07/08/2009

Add some brown sugar to it. It will cut out the heat real quick. Just little at a time till you get to the spot where you can still taste some heat.

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By Sharon Schreiber 07/08/2009

I have found that just adding plain granulated sugar in small amounts until it is cool enough works well for me.

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By Gloria Hayes 18 96 07/08/2009

This works if you put too much salt in something, too: Boil several cut up potatoes in there. Then take the potatoes out. They will absorb the spice, be quite tasty, and your chili will be just fine.Potatoes will also clear up frying grease, even fish grease! Just fry the potatoes and scoop them out.

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Archive: Chili is Too Spicy

I made chili and it is too hot. What can I add to make it less spicy?

Joanne from Vero Beach, FL

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

Why not pour most of the juice off and add more tomato juice? I wouldn't add any more seasonings, and see if that works. Hope this helps. J. B. (01/03/2007)

By Grandma Bess

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

I know that too much salt in a soup can be remedied by adding a potato. Maybe you can try that, or add some extra liquid and some masa flour, I know that masa flour is used in some recipes for chili. (01/04/2007)

By Michawn

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

This sounds like a good time to experiment! Check out several different chili recipes from different parts of the country and note things they call for that aren't in your recipe. See what sounds interesting and try a small sample batch with it. Also before you start experimenting, I like Grandma Bess's idea about removing the liquid, but don't pour it out. Reserve it until you get things balanced the way you want them. And rather than replacing it with tomato juice, I'd use beer and perhaps some tomato paste.

I've seen chili recipes (from Kansas, I believe) that called for cocoa or other chocolate variations. I played with that idea once and will probably come back to it, but it didn't work well with the other stuff I was using. That might help a bit with your problem though. And I don't know how much you made or how much is too hot it is for you, but you might consider browning up another pound of beef or lean ground pork and adding that and a can or two of red beans. If you wind up with more than you can use, just bag and freeze the rest. Good luck, and happy cooking!

By Alph

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

Try adding a little white sugar. Simmer, taste, if still not right add more sugar and simmer until you have the flavor you want. (01/04/2007)

By Elaine P

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

Oh, one other thing: I like to incorporate a little bit of sugar (or honey, molasses, etc.) and a little vinegar (usually 'cider vinegar') to help bind and smooth out the flavors, and to help it keep a bit better in the fridge. Don't get carried away with this though. Add maybe half a teaspoon of each per quart at a time, stir, simmer, and taste. And if you use ketchup remember that it already has sugar and vinegar so you won't need as much, if any. Too sweet or too vinegary is as bad as too hot! (01/04/2007)

By Alph

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

I've done this; I added a can of beer, and let simmer, it works great! (01/05/2007)

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

If you didn't use vinegar or lemon juice, you can pour a little heavy cream in just before serving. If you don't have heavy cream, whole milk might do the trick. You can also grate in some cheese. Any milk product will diffuse heat. G'luck : ) (01/05/2007)

By Doggy

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

You can add a couple more cans of beans. Sour cream can also tame the fire. (01/07/2007)

By kflocey

RE: Chili is Too Spicy

My dad's chili is never spicy. Try different recipes. I like how my dad makes it (it's the best). Tomato sauce, tomatoes, hamburger meat, and kidney beans. Sometimes he puts water in it to make it less thick. (02/17/2008)

By Alora

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