Saving and Printing Recipes on Cards


When I find a recipe that sounds interesting and don't want to write it down and don't always have good luck at saving it or don't want to save the whole page, I found a compromise. I copy and paste what I want to keep and paste it into a blank e-mail and save it as a draft. Then when I have a chance to I open the draft, then save it to file in my documents.

My print shop program is then opened. I find the best place to open and insert the recipe to and if that fails I copy and paste it instead. By trial and error you can find a form that enables you to place the recipe on and print out onto a 4x6 or 3x5 inch blank recipe card.

I found using the photo ones work great. I made small cookbooks for friends doing this. Some I typed in because they were my recipes in my head. You can edit, change type, etc if you care to. I found I get a lot more recipes this way and not skip over them because it was time consuming to write it down or deal with at the moment.

By Bev from Uvalde, TX


By Lee 38 145 06/11/2009

I sit at my computer every morning while I am drinking my cup of coffee. I go through my Thrifty Fun emails and copy and paste recipes so that I can print them on 4x6 index cards. I can usually get the entire recipe on the front side. If it takes two, then I print one side first and then feed the card back into the printer and print the back. Therefore, I have it all on one card. I have a photo album that I put the cards into. The index cards fit perfectly and they are protected from spills. I have copied almost 200 recipes since I began this album. It will be time for another one VERY soon.

It is nice to know that other Thrifty Fun folks think like I do.

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By Christine Biernat 8 91 06/11/2009

I do something like this, too! I use microsoft's publisher program because I can "draw" a text box the size of the index card and then fill it in. I keep mine in a photo album box that fits my 4x6 index cards and if some recipes from magazines are small enough, I just tape them to an index card. I use index card dividers to separate into categories. I like the box because it is easy to pull out and put back cards. I am going to need another one very soon, as well!

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