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Pattern for Miche Purse Pockets


I am looking for a pattern to make end pockets for my Miche classic bag. It would slide on under the shell.

By Claudia


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By metroplex [82] 07/13/2011

I found this on
Use an existing MicheBag shell as a template.
Cut out two pieces of material (one patterned material for outside and one plain piece for the inside) and a piece of heavy interfacing, each 1/2 inch larger than template (all the way around).
Iron interfacing to the wrong side of the plain material. Lay patterned material on table. Lay plain/interfaced material on top. Make sure right sides of material are together and interfacing is on top.
Sew 1/2" from edge all the way around, leaving 3 inches open on one side. Clip corners.
Glue 4 magnets to the interfacing on the 2 short edges of shell. Place magnets so that they match up with the ones on the purse and make sure you glue them the right side down, so that they attract, not repel. Allow to dry.
Turn shell inside out. Use a spoon or non-cutting object to poke corners flat. Press.
Top stitch very close to outside edge.
You may want to cut out pieces of box board (ie: cereal box) as per the MicheBag template. Sew only 3 sides of the materials together, leaving one long side open. Clip corners and turn fabric.
Lay shell, plain material side up, open seam toward you.
Glue magnets to the 2 larger pieces of box board. Apply glue to same side as magnets on one piece of box board and insert it, glue side up into pocket of shell. Tuck it snugly into top and corners.
Do the same with the other end.
Compare with template and insert the last and narrowest piece of box board.
Allow to dry.
Carefully fold in and press the raw edges of open seam so that they're exactly the same on both sides (top and bottom).
Use strong needle and heavy thread in machine and top stitch all the way around.

Just make the shell as described above, sewing all the way around except for a few inches on the side. Put the card board in, no glue. Put the magnets in through hole in seam. Ta-da.
Make a shell as described above except make it 1 1/2 inches longer. (They're about 11" X 18" .... make it 11" X 19 1/2") Then leave one of the short sides open. Slide a real Miche (flat, plain) shell inside of that and fold the open edge in.

Posted 1 year ago
Hope this helps.

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By Cruiser 12/22/2012

I too, would like a pattern for the end pockets. The directions here are for a shell, entirely different. The pockets slip over the base purse (like panties) with pockets that would be on the ends of the purse. The shell then goes over that and is held in place with magnets.

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