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Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food


I want to buy wholesale dented can goods. Where can I purchase them?

By waymon from SC


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By mellie 29 02/26/2010 Flag

Hi there, please take some friendly advice. You really don't want to do that. I was a waitress for 25 years, and I've taken many food handlers courses, and dented cans is an issue that has been addressed in every one of them. This is what they teach. There is a protective coating on the inside of cans, and when they are dented, especially around the seams, it damages that coating. That can allow bacteria to get in and contaminate the food. Even if it seems to look and smell fine, there is the potential to make someone very sick. I never, ever buy dented cans, and if it gets dented between the store and my pantry, I toss it. Please don't just take my word for it, check with your county health department, or a few head chefs. Please, reconsider your kind gesture. Food poisoning is not just miserable, it can kill. It has killed. mellie

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 02/27/2010 Flag

There are a variety of bent and dent stores that sell items 10%-50% of actual cost. Grocery stores end up with boxes of freight each week that get damaged somehow in transit. Sometimes a label, slight ding, and they can't put them on the shelves. Same way with squishables.

My son is a grocery store manager and they get credit back for the products. Frozen foods they don't send back, just get credit, so my son knows many families who 'would benefit' and bags them up and drops them off. One time it was the handles on the 5 qt ice cream that came broke. He called me from the store and I found enough freezer space with friends to help get the stock out of the store and then off to people who appreciated it. The owner of the store o.k.s all disposed of. Even outdated or soon to out date.

This week, the half gal milk I usually buy gallon size of had 1 week left before expiration date. So they reduced the price by $.50 a half gal to move it faster. I can keep it in my fridge at a lower rate too. The exp date is suggested; fresh food varies beyond that date.

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By pathug 1 06/24/2015 Flag

I was just browsing around and stumbled on this site and have to say that I have never read such legalistic and medical nonsense about dented and expired canned goods. Doesn't anyone have any sense? First; take any clean can, cut it open, flatten it out and bend it. Notice the interior lining is flexible and does not crack; Next; when you do open something and it looks bad, smells bad, and tastes bad on the tip of your tongue, DON'T EAT IT! Duhhh!. Canned goods can last, proven, 70 years. Canned C rations from WWII, 1944, are still found occasionally, and are still edible.

I have a pallet of MRE's, bought in 2000, with a life span of 10 years, that are still good and I eat occasionally.....In archaeology, tombs are opened occasionally with food sealed in clay jars and such that is still edible... Keep in mind that most expiration dates, on securely sealed items, like canned goods, are nothing but legal-noise to protect the company from lawsuits by the ignorant. If you dug up a rotten potato you wouldn't eat it. If you open a container of bad food, don't eat that either...Good Grief!

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Archive: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food

Does anyone know where to purchase dented canned goods such as soups, pasta meals, dog food, etc. by the truckload? I need these types of items for distributing to my various businesses nationally.

By Tom C. from Pottstown, PA


RE: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food

You could try this directory:

Hope this helps.



RE: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food

Not a good idea. I work for the schools and if things are dented we can not serve it. It can cause one to get very sick. (08/31/2009)

By wacky camper

RE: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food

Dented cans leave openings for bacteria and other not so good things to get in and spoil the food. It is a very bad idea to buy or sell these items. Please think again. (08/31/2009)

By Captionxedited

RE: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food

Dented cans of foods can be an excellent source of Botulism and/or Salmonella. I never purchase a dented-can item when shopping. I hope you have plenty of insurance. (09/02/2009)

By Cajun62234

RE: Buying Wholesale Dented Canned Food


And for those concerned about using dented cans,

"We have been told for years that eating from dented cans is unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that has lead to safe food being discarded and money and food being wasted. It is true that some dented cans are unsafe, but a majority of dented cans are completely safe to eat. Knowing how to tell ..."

Food service has to be overly careful because of lawsuits and because they are often feeding the immune-compromised (elderly, children). (09/03/2009)

By Contester

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