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Propagating Black Eyed Susan

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How can I grow Black Eyed Susans in my yard, from my dad's flowering plants in his yard? Do the flowers make seeds?

By spoostad


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By Maria Tapper08/26/2009

One thing I like to do with Black Eyed Susans. I don't dead head the flowers in fall, I let the birds come and eat the seeds. It's nice to see the birds and they seem to spread the seeds better than if I throw the dead flowers back into the bed.

By Edith [9]08/12/2009

Thank you both so much. :)

By Jewell June Kurtz [1]08/12/2009

I concur with jabsgram. dig some of your Dads flowers and they will take care of growing on their own.

By Marlene [19]08/12/2009

Best to ask your Dad for a few plants to transplant. They multiply quickly. When you dead head them, throw the dead flowers in the bed and they will propagate themselves the following year.

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