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Permanent Marker on Microfiber


How do you remove thick permanent marker out of microfiber couches?

By Quintessa from Olympia, WA


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Archive: Permanent Marker on Microfiber

How do you remove permanent black marker from a micro-fiber suede couch? The cushions are attached and the color is pale olive green.

Tammy from York, PA


RE: Permanent Marker on Microfiber

My 2 year found a black permanent marker on drew on my mother's new pale tan microfiber love seat. I got some cleaner called Awesome at a local Family Dollar. I put it in her steam carpet cleaner and it came right out, no problem. (05/28/2007)

By Chasity

RE: Permanent Marker on Microfiber

Yeah, I had the same problem and used the same product. My 3 year old daughter used a combination of blue and black permanent marker on my bone-colored micro-fiber couch. I read this forum and used the "Awesome Oxygen Orange" cleaner we had picked up from a store called Dollar General. The stuff worked like a charm! I used the scrubbing side of a sponge along with cold water to remove the stain, and then I removed the foam from the cushion and washed it in the wash-machine on delicate.

Here's a tip for you:

Don't leave permanent markers where kids can find them. Treat them like guns!

By blaze1up

RE: Permanent Marker on Microfiber

I had read on the internet about nail polish remover. My son just bought a beautiful light tan suede couch he had a black permanent marker in his pocket pants and guess what? Yes, he got the marker all over his new couch. I decided to try the tip with the nail polish, non acetone, and I could not believe it, all the marker came off and the couch is like new again.

I do mean he had a lot of marker on it. I did not think it would work there was so much. So if any one needs to get it off it does work. I used a Q-tip first with the polish remover then took a paper towel once I saw it was coming off to carefully to remove the rest of it. You cannot even see it anymore. Great suggestion for those who mentioned it. (03/16/2009)

By mistysummer

Archive: Permanent Marker on Microfiber

How can I remove permanent marker from a microfiber couch?

By Kitten21kish from Fort Worth, TX

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