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Flower Pot Nativity


Some years ago I made a nativity which was in a flowerpot and had Mary, Joseph and Jesus made out of wooden spoons. Would anyone have the pattern for it. I've lost it.

Dianne from Norco, CA



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By karen 2 11/07/2006 Flag

I don't know about using wooden spoons...I assume you could substitute the spoons for the beads??? But this is how the kids at our church make theirs....

You will need: 3 mini clay pots (2"), 3 large wooden beads, straw or moss, a gold ring of ribbon, strips of fabric, and tacky glue.

Turn two pots upside down and glue a bead on top of each one, (representing Mary and Joseph). Place one of the fabric strips over Mary's head, the other around Joseph's shoulders. Place straw into the third pot, (represents the manger). Place the third bead (represents Jesus' head) into the straw, then place the gold ribbon around the head of Jesus like a crown.

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By Cristie (Guest Post) 11/17/2007 Flag

Our ladies church group made the wooden spoon/clay pot nativity last year (among other crafts), I didn't get to even begin my nativity while there and have no pattern to look at to paint the faces onto the spoons. Does anyone have one?

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By Cheryl-Tempe, AZ (Guest Post) 07/26/2008 Flag

I might have the pattern you are be looking for ..Wooden Spoon Nativity. It is darling. The wooden spoons are painted like the characters in the nativity....then stuck in a terra cotta pot.
Contact me at

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