Stretching Butter With Oil

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There are butter spreads on the market that combine butter with various types of oil, such as olive oil. You can save some money by making your own blended spread. This is a guide about stretching butter with oil.


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Tip: Stretching Butter With Oil

Stretch your butter budget and make it a little healthier. Save money on buying butter spreads. Make your own and know what those ingredients are that are in it!

Cut back on saturated fat and use much less butter on your toast and muffins by softening 2 sticks of butter to room temperature. Then put the whisk attachment on your stand mixer (I use a Kitchen Aid).

Start whipping those two sticks of butter while you slowly drizzle one cup of vegetable, olive, or canola oil into it. (Your choice of oil). I like the canola because olive oil adds it's own taste to the butter. Canola oil leaves the butter tasting like butter.

Scrape up the sides now and then to incorporate all the butter into the oil. Whip until light and fluffy. It might look like a light cake batter when it's done. Pour it into individual containers with lids and refrigerate until needed.

Use for frying eggs or sauteing vegetables because the oil raises the burning point of the butter and it won't burn as easily. It's delicious on toast, English muffins or crackers. It stays soft right out of the refrigerator. Try grilled cheese sandwiches. The butter just glides across the bread.

I hope you try this. My nutritionist was thrilled when I told her about this.

By Deb from Williamstown, New Jersey

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Question: Tips for Stretching Butter

I was reading a tip on how to make butter go a long way. It stated to warm the butter slightly, then add equal amount of canola oil then blend together.

What is canola oil? I live in the U.K and haven't heard of this, but would like to try this tip. If anyone has any other ideas for making butter stretch longer for my budget, I would appreciate your input. Many thanks.

By Helen from U.K

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Most Recent Answer

By Red G. 03/18/2013

Hi there,
Canola oil is just a very cheap highly processed vegetable oil. I recommend Olive oil to stretch your butter I have been doing this myself for quite a while to get away from margarine. I don't measure anything just use a fork to mix it then an electric whisk. Seems to work well for us.

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Question: Substituting Oil for Butter in Recipes

I have heard you can swap canola oil for the margarine/butter in a cookie recipe. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of margarine or butter, how much oil would I use in it's place? Thanks!

By squirrley from MI

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By B. [2] 06/27/2009

I find good results with half butter & half extra vergin olive oil for all my baking.

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Question: Doubling a Pound of Butter with Oil

The price of butter is getting outrageous, I know there is a recipe out there for doubling a pound of butter with oil but I don't know what it is. Anyone?

Barb from Fairview, Mi.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9] 04/01/2005

This may be of some help:
Stretching butter:

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