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Buying Small Craft Tiles

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I am trying to locate somewhere that I can buy small tiles. I am planning to have our children make trivets with them in Vacation Bible School this summer. I have one my son made over 30 years ago that I still use. Back then you could buy them in bulk in bags. You could get a bag of each size. Thank you.

By Margaret from Greensburg, LA


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By Teresa Tart [1]04/30/2010

Go to Lowes Home Improvement. That is where I bought the ones we used in our VBS at church. Also if you are buying a lot, talk with the manager and see if you can get a discount!

By Debby04/30/2010

I have a couple boxes of light gray 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" tiles that are 36 per "sheet". Looks like I have about 47 or so "sheets". I need to keep some for myself, but about how many would you need to buy? Not sure what size trivet you would be making to know how many tiles. I wouldn't charge you much, but the weight would be the worst part, for shipping. They are HEAVY! We could probably work something out...

By metroplex [81]04/26/2010

I'd throw myself on the mercy and generosity of your local tile company/s. Or, sometimes Home Depot or a large store have tiles that they ordered too much of. Good Luck!

By Amy3e04/25/2010

I have seen them online at Oriental Trading. Think they were like 200 for under $10. My mom has the ones we made her as kids. It was a popular craft back in the 60's. Really dating myself. Oh well.

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