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Christmas Gift for Skater Boyfriend

Christmas is coming soon and I don't know what to get my boyfriend. He is one of those skater boys.

By cpleg from Acworth, GA

Recent Answers

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]12/19/2009

I have a son who still skates regularly, and now takes his own son. Thinking of this, I'd say maybe gift coupons to his favorite skating rink. Or maybe skating clothes or accessories for his skates. Parts wear out, although I have forgotten which ones. I'm sure you know, though.

By Lee Taylor [10]12/15/2009

How 'bout a subscription to a skateboard magazine for one year. Just go buy a magazine and inside you'll find the cards to fill out for a subscription. Hei'll love it! Wrap the magazine with a card that says he'll be getting them for a year.

By Janet [7]12/15/2009

How about filling a Christmas stocking with items you think he would use? A homemade Cd of favorite music, chocolate, a hat, whatever.

By yessy [5]12/12/2009

a good website is

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