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16th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

16th birthday cake.

Planning a birthday party for teenagers can be challenging. This guide is about16th birthday party ideas for boys.



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Question: Party Ideas for My Sons 16th Birthday

My son's birthday is on April 24th and he invited his three friends to go to Kings Dominion for the weekend but 2 confirmed that were going. Then, one cancelled the day before the trip and the other didn't want to be the only one to go. IT WAS A DISASTER!

I felt so bad for my son. Anyways, we still went to the park with the family. I want to give his friends another chance and I want to do something for my son for his 16th. Please give me some ideas! I would like to do something this Sat. 4-21

Magali from Virginia

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By A mother n need of some ideas (Guest Post) 09/26/2008

I'm a mother looking for some good ideas on a nice black & white, suit & tie. kind of affair. Limo n all. Need some good ideas. Although he won't turn 16 until Oct. of next year. Trying to plan early. Thanks in advance to all.

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Question: Sweet 16 Party for a Boy

I need help with some party ideas for my son that is turning 16 in February. He says sweet 16 parties are not just for girls. My problem is I have no ideas and every party we have tried to give him no one shows up for it.

annmariereinig from Beaverton, MI

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By Zachary L. 1 1 08/27/2015

My 16th birthday is coming up soon in October but I don't know what to do I want 20 people to my birthday but we have a small house and low on funds please help I want it to be fun

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Question: Boy's 16th Birthday Party: Asian Theme

I need assistance to plan a Boy's 16th birthday, Asian themed (not a 'sweet' 16). Decorations and games need to be cool, not child-like. What do 16 year olds want to do? He recently relocated and wants to make an impression of not being too dorky. I thought of hiding clues in fortune cookies to find presents? I'm making a cake shaped like Chinese take out and sushi sides (cake). Serving General Tao chicken and rice. It's an afternoon party in October 08.

Robin from Milford, CT

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By Megan24 (Guest Post) 02/06/2009

I would decorate in red, black, and gold. Sounds like you've already got a good idea for food. Let him plan the party, it wouldn't be "cool" if his mom planned it, even if it's exactly what he wanted. Rent some kung-fu movies and help him find some cool Asian music.

Hope this helps,

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Question: Looking For Places To Go On My 16th Birthday

My 16th birthday is coming up in May and I don't know where or what to do. I don't want a party because I would prefer it to be just me and my closest friend. Any ideas or suggestions with places to go on the sunshine coast or Brisbane area? Thankyou.

By Ashleigh-rose from Sunshine Coast, QLD

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By sexybitch 1 10/24/2011

I am tuning sixteen on the 13/6/2012 and I am planning a party for my sixteen. I do not no where i what it to be. I feel like a Hollywood style. So, what can I do.

by Natasha Blake

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Question: Ideas for Boy's 16th Birthday

My 16th birthday is coming soon, but idk what to do. I am a boy and I want 20 people to come to my birthday. We have a small house and are low on funds. Please help on ideas. I want it to be fun.

    By Zachary L. [1]

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    By Myrna 15 1,066 09/15/2015

    Does your area have a local park? You could make it a sporting event; basketball, skateboarding if allowed, radio to dance with if girls are invited, set a picnic mood birthday party and have lots of cold drinks available. Lunch meat, cheese, condiments, chips and cold drinks, other favorite snack foods along with your cake/ice cream. OR go with ice cream cones with a variety of toppings with the cake. IF you buy a gallon or two of vanilla ice cream and another flavor, the vanilla put in the bottom of the each cone and other flavor on top actually compliments any flavors and tastes like it too. It's a way of stretching those special flavors of ice cream with vanilla. All you need are a couple coolers of ice for the drinks, lunch meat and ice cream. Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

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    Question: 16th Birthday Celebration Ideas

    My birthday is December 26th, the day after Christmas, that sucks because everyone will be home relaxing and enjoying their time with their family. I don't know what I should do. Can you please help me/give me options?

    By Sheldon

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    Most Recent Answer

    By ShanShan 1 04/09/2014

    Since it's on the 26th, why not wait a few days and have a big New Years party, that way, you can have all your friends together and it will be a cool way to open the year I guess.

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    Question: Boy's 16th Birthday Party

    My best friend is having his 16th birthday party after delaying it for way too long. I'm a girl so it's going to be a mixed party, but the thing is he's not into huge parties and the social aspect of things. He's more academic and his mother is not exactly open to him socializing and being out of her site for anything. Any ideas?

    By Kendyll S.

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    By Louise B. 6 2,526 09/05/2013

    Is there some sort of game that you all like to do? Teens I know enjoy playing games such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. Perhaps you could have a games night (or afternoon) followed by a roasting wieners around a campfire and cake? What about minigolf? You do not have to have a big crowd -- six people including yourself and the birthday boy is enough for a start, and might be easier for him if he is not used to socializing and his mom is overprotective. Perhaps taking in a movie with a group followed by pizza at a favorite restaurant?

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    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    I'm turning 16 soon and I want to throw a party for a bunch of friends. Please help me. I need ideas, party themes, anything is helpful. Please. Think big! Thanks.

    By Daniel F.

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    By Lisa S. 2 5 04/14/2013

    What about a 50's diner/sock hop theme? You could even ask your guests to come dressed to fit the theme. Party supply stores have a lot of inexpensive things to help decorate.

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    Question: Skyrim Birthday Ideas

    My son is having his 16th birthday in a couple of of weeks, and I want to do a Skyrim themed party. Any ideas on decorations? I am thinking of making him a PS3 controller cake. I am having a hard time finding anything on the internet. Any ideas and help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    By Tanyisha H.

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    By Dawn A. 3 14 04/01/2013

    There are dragons in Skyrim. I recently saw online somewhere a dragon cake...Look for dragon anything... Here is a site that can give you some major ideas for a Skyrim Party Just searched on google

    I hope this helped :) Enjoy your party it should be a blast.

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    Question: Son's 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    My son is turning 16 on New Years Eve! In the past we have delayed his celebration so friends will be in town, etc., but this one we can't. He does not have his license yet so we are not doing the car thing. Any suggestions?

    By Marnina from Santa Barbara

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    By Noella 11 381 12/23/2010

    I don't think all kids need a car on their 16th birthday, so kudos to you.

    I'm not that familiar with California, is Santa Barara warm all year 'round? You might just have an outdoor party with his friends and a dj. Kids love parties with dancing, cake decorating contests, etc.

    You could set up an area where kids can take pictures of themselves and their friends for memories.

    Have fun!

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    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    What are some good party ideas for a boy turning 16?

    By Ivana

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    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    I want to have a birthday bash and I want it to be a big one, but it's at my care home in Leeds and I only have a limited budget. Should I just order a hall?

    By Paul from Seacroft UK

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    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    I have no idea what kind of party I want for my 16 birthday party. It's on the 27 of September. Do you guys have any suggestions?

    By Stefan A.

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    Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

    My birthday is coming up in May and I'm not sure what I wanna do for my birthday. Like I want to do something like with me and some of my friends, but I'm not sure what to do. There's so many things that I could do that I can't figure out what I want to do. Any suggestions?

    By Daniel from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

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    Question: Ideas for a Boy's 16th Birthday Party

    My parents are gonna throw me a party when I turn 16. It's gonna be exactly on my birthday. I want a party with family and friends. I need ideas for the party. Please help!

    By Michael M.

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    Archive: Party Ideas for My Sons 16th Birthday

    Another thing is that it is my sons 16th birthday soon and I was just wondering if anyone had any original ideas for a party that are quite cheap (pricewise).


    From James from Sheffield

    16 Scavenger Hunt

    I recently had a scavenger hunt for my grandson's 16th birthday. I invited 8 boys and 8 girls. Each team was a boy and girl. Their mission was to bring back 16 items. 16-1988 pennies, 16-pieces of fruit or vegetable, 16 front pages of the newspaper, 16-empty pop cans, etc. The kids had so much fun. The girls helped push the boys into doing it since girls are braver than boys at that age. (08/06/2004)

    By msmcmulin

    G0-Kart Racing

    My first thought was a go-kart place and let them loose for a few spins but that could run up the money. We had my nephews party at a park and the kids rode around on rollerblades and had a blast. That way you have cake outside and snacks and NO MESS in your house. (08/06/2004)

    By meoowmom


    You could take him bowling, but that might rack up some money. Same with the movies. You could go to a beach area and have a party there or have it at your house and have a movie party where you all go to a movie store and everyone picks out a favorite movie. Pick out about 5 and watch those and have a few snacks and it would be better if you had a swimming pool you could swim in that while people are watching the movies (08/19/2004)

    By Laura

    Jolly Jumps Boxing Ring

    We are also planning a party for a 16 year old. We are renting one of those jolly jumps. It's one that blows up like a boxing ring and it comes equipped with boxing gloves. It's quite safe because the gloves are inflated. Hot dogs and hamburgers will do the trick. Most kids are picky anyway so don't waste money on good food that won't be eaten! Good luck. (09/20/2004)

    By Kat

    Survivor Party

    I have done a party based on the TV show surviver. I used play money and fasten it to popsicle sticks and placed them in the ground like money flags we live across from the school so I used the school yard. the idea is to collect as many money flags as they could in a certain length of time to be able to purchase drinks, food, sleeping bags etc. you can divide the kids into teams. I sent them out about 5 or 6 times but each time they came back I had a challenge for them to do. example: blindfold a team mate and the others have to tell them how to get thew a maze that you have made while they were gone. I buried real money coins and gave them a metal detector an the team that found it first won. lots of things you can do use your imagination and have fun (02/01/2005)

    By Deb

    MC Night

    We threw a party like this last year and it was a huge success and it has been replicated all around the military base we live on. Set up a card table at the focal point of the room and clear out the rest of the furniture. Keep seating around the edges. THis party is best outdoors, but works inside to. Most people have Home computers now, but if you don't borrow one from a family member or friend. Set it up on the table. There are some inexpensive programs you can buy to make your own albums (records for us older generations) and for mixing tracks. Ask everyone that comes to the party to bring 1 or 2 of their favorite CDs. Make sure they label them with their names so no one gets confused. Then starting with the birthday guest, you become rotating MC's. They snatch up a couple of Cds they like and go to town with their best Eminem or dance club imitation. When they're done they name the next MC. People were lining up to get their turn and everyone was dancing and laughing at the goof ups. We just had simple BBQ food, which no one cared about because they were to busy dancing and spinning on their turn. We actually had to kick people out at 4am! The neighbor threatened to call the cops if we didn't break up the party. Hope this helps. It's inexpensive and lots of fun. (03/02/2005)

    By Suzanne S.

    Scavenger Hunt

    For my son's 16th birthday we are planning on having a scavenger hunt, something like the skateboarder Bam had. (Only no illegal items on the list!) We are going to break up the kids into two teams and give them each a video camera to tape "proof" that they have completed the items on the list. The list contains items that they have to collect, but also things they have to do like sing a Christmas carol to a stranger, ask someone for a glass of water, etc. Each thing on the list is worth a certain number of points, more difficult things worth more points. When the time limit is up, they all have to return to home base and laugh at the video, allotting points and choosing the winner. We want to have two vehicles (driven by adults so we can keep an eye on them) but my son wants more freedom and is willing to walk around to complete the list. (09/05/2005)

    By Teresa


    My son is having his 16th Bday party at an indoor paintball place, he picked it so hopefully it will be fun. Mom and Dad are going to join his friends so that should be fun. Dinner later on with family at the Mandarin. (02/16/2006)

    By Schindy

    Hummer Limo

    My sons 16th is in April. What I am doing (if you have the money) renting a hummer limo and sending him and 12 friends to a restaurant on the water then the movies. This way they have the night to themselves, great food and a movie of their choice. Good way to start to feel like an adult and treated like one. Just an idea, but again can be very costly, you have to plan right and shop around. (03/08/2006)

    By trsnelgrove

    Party at the Park

    We had a great time last year, we went to the park and cooked out ham & hot dogs. We had cooler full of gatorade, water and some soda, chips, a birthday cake and we had played awesome game of football! It was dads against sons, they had so much fun and got to spend great quality time together. The moms stood by and took pictures and video taped it. Hope this helps. (05/10/2006)

    By Sherrie in VA

    Cookout and Camping

    For my sons 16th birthday party he wants a cookout and tents to sleep in. We also are going to swim. He wants hot dogs they will cook over the fire, smores, pasta salad and nachos and cheese. Cheap enough party when your on a budget. (06/05/2006)

    By becky

    Archive: Son's 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    It's my son's 16th b-day at the end of March. We've talked about having a DJ and/or karaoke. Any ideas?

    Charless from Indiana

    RE: Son's 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    If he and his friends would enjoy it and you have a way to buy or borrow it, the "Guitar Hero" video game seems pretty popular, although I've never tried it.

    I do like your idea of doing the DJ and karaoke thing. I just hope your son and his friends aren't shy or self-conscious! (01/10/2009)

    By JustPlainJo

    Archive: Looking For Places To Go On My 16th Birthday

    My 16th birthday is coming up and I really don't know what to do.