Measuring Soft Butter


I only have soft butter and need to know how much is 1 stick?

By Leah from Abilene, TX


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By Nancy 4 7 11/09/2009

Well I always thought one stick was 1/4 cup.

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Well, things have changed during the past few months so it's going to depend on how old the recipe is. It used to be that a stick of butter was always 1/2 cup (or 8 tablespoons) but now a lot of companies are packaging the sticks in 1/4 cup (or 4 tablespoon) sizes.

I hope people start writing the actual measurement amounts from now on to reduce confusion.

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By Joan 13 1,482 11/09/2009

Any stick butter or margerine I have ever bought is the 1/2 cup sticks. I imagine the smaller sticks are good for some things or some people. I know where I live you can buy a carton of 6 eggs, instead of the full dozen.

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By mcw 80 1,754 11/09/2009

One stick = 1/2 cup. I just looked at a stick of butter in my freezer.

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By bama03 1 22 11/10/2009

According to the Betty Crocker conversion chart at beetycrocker.com, one stick of butter = 1/2 a cup. Here is the link if you want to pull the chart of conversion tables up for common ingredients.

http://www.bettycrocker.com/how-to/ ... n-Ingredients-Yields-Equivalents.htm

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By David M. 1 51 11/10/2009

I know the attached image is hard to see, but on every stick of butter that I have ever bought it is printed right on it. You can see the measurements printed on the edge. The last mark is for 1/2 cup.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 11/11/2009

Leah, eight level tablespoons of soft butter will equal a stick, both come out to a 1/2 cup.

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