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Ideas for Adult Princess Ball Party


I'm turning 21 in January '08. It's the huge birthday to celebrate in England. Anyway I've always said I wanted a 'Princess Ball' for my party and all my friends love it. I'm thinking pinkness, formal wear, tiaras, red carpets, champagne etc.

Its a childhood dream and 21 is where you turn into an 'adult' so to speak and I want to go out living 1 last childhood dream! I just wondered if you had any ideas to make it more memorable (decorations, etc.). Thanks so much for your help guys!

Kimberley from UK



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By Debbie (Guest Post) 09/05/2008 Flag

I think your "Princess Party" is a great idea. You could buy large bolts of cheap red fabric and tape it to the floor/steps with double side tape. Also a resale shop/ Craig's List/Ebay are good places for cheap formal dresses. Also maybe a music school could provide music for dancing at a cheaper price. Go for it....You only turn 21 once.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 09/05/2008 Flag

It would be super-cool if you could find (or make) some "magic" wands that light up with either LEDs or those glow sticks.... (like star shaped magic-fairy-princess wands)


*These web sites are TOTALLY AWESOME & you'll get a BIG kick out of them! ...I like the way you can buy things in bulk.

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By susan winship 4 405 09/05/2008 Flag

Silver goes well with pink. I don't know how christmas is celebrated in England, but if there are sparklie decorations on sale for the holidays, they could work...also, if you are near a city with bulk or wholesale fabric, you might find lame' or silver net or pink fancy fabric for not as much as in a regular retail store...same for flowers--a floral distributor would have better prices than your neighborhood shop. Ask friends and relatives if they have any fancies set back in the attic.

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By Sue (Guest Post) 09/05/2008 Flag

Oh this sounds wonderful.
Rental shops here in Canada rent Arbours with tulle (fancy netting) all through them for weddings. That would be pretty.

Myself and a couple of other ladies were in charge of a Women's group at our church, and once we had a Cinderella theme evening. It was so fun. Some came as Cinderella, some the ugly step sisters, one came as a pumpkin, one dressed as the Princes shoe helper with a velvet pillow and a pretty shoe. And of course we all had to try on the slipper. It was a hoot.

There is also a fun Rindercella story - some of the words are said backwards. I would love to hear how it turns out :)

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 09/06/2008 Flag

Have manicure stations! Do each other's nails (hands or feet). Unless you invite men as well. Not sure how that would go over.

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By Coreen Hart 78 376 09/06/2008 Flag

If you're having couples, get a male friend with a loud, great voice to announce the guests at the door as they arrive. Put him in a red velvet jacket. Powdered wig optional. :-)

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By (Guest Post) 09/06/2008 Flag

I just have to wish you a happy birthday because January 8th is also MY birthday. One famous person who was born on January 8th was a king -- Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n Roll! His favorite colors were pink and grey, so maybe you could incorporate those into your Princess Ball theme.

Beverly in California, USA

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