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Icing a Cake to Look Like a Book

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Book Cake

Book Cake

I want to ice a cake in fondant so it looks like a book and want to turn the icing back in the corner so it looks like the page of a book is turned back. I've seen pictures but can't work out whether the icing just covers the top and the corner is turned back and then the sides are iced separately or if it is iced all over and down the sides then a separate piece of icing is put on top so it looks like the corner is turned back. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

Lynette from Bristol



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By kelly. (Guest Post)11/20/2007

Make cake in large cake pan....if you freeze it after cooking and cooling you can trim the cake in the center to look like a book with a v shaped slice down the center. Then add icing (much easier to design on the cake when frozen). The corner is a separately made section added on after all other icing is applied, then smoothed to look natural with a hot knife (place knife in hot water).

You can shape the corner section by making a triangular shape with the icing then place over the back of a teaspoon to curl. Let it harden, then slide to position you need on the cake. Hope this helps. Good luck.

By U*u*U (Guest Post)11/19/2007

What you've seen in probably fondant. You can buy it ready made (craft stores near the bridal section, probably, or with the Wilton things) and roll it out, cut it into shapes, color it like clay...It's a handy decorative thingie, but it isn't 'yummy' like frosting. If you're willing to sacrifice taste for looks, it's ok.

By angela11/19/2007

you can get help at
looks like the edges are regular frosting

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