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Mix Cheap Wine With Kool-Aid

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Now that my child is in college we have had to cut back on expenses. Mixing cheap wine with Kool-Aid (even the big gallons that only cost about $15.00) tastes really good. I only drink red wine, so I am not sure about whites. I get the best results by keeping them both cold and easily mixing one glass at a time. Also, I use sugar-free, store brand Kool-Aid, and save more money plus lots of calories!

By Judy from Memphis, TN


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By Gwen07/03/2010

I add sprite zero to red or white wine to reduce calories and you won't drink as much alcohol. Great recipes.

By Jose McCloskey11/06/2009

For Previous feedback of mixing cheap wine with 7up. I tried it and it was much like a light wine cooler_and anyone who has ever purchased wine coolers knows how expensive they are.

By Jose McCloskey11/04/2009

Thanks! I'm always willing to try anything once, and so I will try this.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]11/04/2009

I have a decent wine to suggest, although it, too falls into the "cheap wine" category. Try Mogen David's Blackberry wine, and you might be able to save on the Kool-aid - this wine is sweet in itself. My hubby won't drink anything else, and a fairly good-size bottle (about a magnum) costs about $11 or $12 at our local Kroger. You might have to search for it, though, they tend to hide it on the bottom shelf.

By Kathryen [5]11/03/2009

Thanks for the Great Info on mixing wine with Kool Aid. My spouse will be much happier if I join him in having a glass of wine every evening.

By Jess [119]11/03/2009

My sister in law used to mix red wine with cola for a similar effect, I think. I got too many headaches with the cheaper red wines so avoid them now. :)

By Judy [8]11/03/2009

In regard to mixing wine with kool-aid, I have had the best results with store brand sugar-free raspberry. Burgundy is fine_I usually buy Carlo Rossi Chianti. I've even mixed it in the blender as an added ingredient in various fruit smoothies and it ended up great for Sunday brunch.

By Sally [16]11/03/2009

(submitted via email)

Will this work with a heavy/hearty Burgundy. My spouse loves is Gallo Burgundy but I don't care for any wine except Riesling and I've never been able to find it as cheap as he does his Gallo. What flavor of Kool Aid or Crystal Lite do you think would go best with Burgundy?


By susan winship [4]11/02/2009

In the summer I mix the cheap wine with diet 7-up, add a slice of orange or lemon and have super wine cooler. This is a great idea for parties//put in a punch bowl with a sliced lemon and/or lime and maybe some strawberries.

By Maria [1]11/02/2009

Thank you for sharing, what a great idea! Have a great day. mvb

By Teresa Tart [1]11/01/2009

Stop drinking wine all together and you will save even more. I would also be careful who hears that you do this. In this day and time teenagers who hear this may try this and try to get one over on their parents or other teens.

By Judy [8]11/01/2009

This is from the person who offered the idea of cheap wine and mixing it with kool-aid. Reguarding a reply_please note that I did not say how much I a week I drank of it, and also, this is an economical way of drinking wine, but of course only if one chooses so. Thanks for reading a bit more carefully.

By d horner [1]11/01/2009

Using wine instead of water to make kool aid is costing you $15 per gallon. Also, the alcohol is not good for you, especially if you're drinking it by the gallon.

By Kathryn Visser [16]10/30/2009

Thank you, my husband uses some of the worst red wine ever, and when I added some raspberry sugar free tube, and his wine finally tasted good! It took away that somewhat vinegary flavor.

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