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Jeans Zipper Won't Stay Up

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If you have a pair of jeans that fit well, but has a zipper that just won't stay up, try this tip before getting rid of them.

Get a small, thin ponytail holder, like the ones used for little girls. (The wider ones for large amounts of hair are far too long.) Covered hair elastics, close to the colour of your pants, work best.

Push one loop through a hole in the zipper tab, then slip it through the loop at its opposite end. Pull it firmly to tighten it around the zipper pull. Then when you zip up your jeans, slip the open loop over the button, and do up your jeans as normal.

Unlike using a safety pin, this method is not visible, and allows you to quickly (and safely) hook and unhook your zipper.

If you find your loop is too long, just tie a knot in it to shorten it.

Leave the hairband on the zipper and launder it with your jeans. Then it is there and ready to go the next time you want to wear your jeans!

You'll love your jeans again, now that you can wear them with confidence. Keep your money in your pocket instead of buying new clothes!

Source: I saw an ad for a device to hold up a difficult zip in an online "cool new products" page (sorry, I don't know where I found that link). I thought, "That's an awful lot of money to spend on a hair elastic!"

By MotherOfTwelveCats from Red Deer, AB


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By Sean G.01/09/2013

This is brilliant! Worked great. Now I don't have to worry if my ding dong is out at stores. Lifesaver!

By Kyle L.09/28/2011

I have tried hair elastic, but I had a problem with them stretching out so my zipper would come down an inch or so. But I did give a product I found on the internet a chance called Zipperade, and was delightfully surprised. The band had the perfect elasticity and kept my zipper right up to my button. Well worth the $1 or so a piece.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]04/01/2010

This is a great idea for those of us who just aren't handy.

By Judy = Oklahoma [57]03/27/2010

If you take a pair of pliers & very gently squeeze the metal slide on either side of the zipper pull, it will tighten it so that the zipper won't fall anymore. Just be careful to squeeze a little on one side, then a little on the other side then try the zipper-repeat if needed. Remember, squeeze a little at a time or you could break the slide. If you end up with the zipper so tight it won't slide easily, just use a screwdriver or table knife to pry the slide up a tiny bit.

By Julia in UK [5]03/27/2010

A school friend of mine used to zip up her jeans , then turn them over at the top and use a safety pin to make a bar under the zip tag at the back. The safety pin did not show much on the right side. The zip could not come down.

By Anonymous [848]03/27/2010

Love it! And definitely much better than poking yourself with a safety pin ;-)

By Chuck [1]03/27/2010

I could not count over the years how many pairs of jeans this has happened to. Makes ya mad. Best Idea I have seen in a long time! Thanks

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