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Easy Angel Wings

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If you are handcrafting small angels for ornaments, here is a very easy way to make already wired, angel wings.

Simply buy a large, wide roll of glittered or un-glittered wired ribbon. Cut a piece of the ribbon off the roll. Cut through the middle of the ribbon in a scalloped way. All of a sudden you have two angel wings that can be shaped in anyway you wish, because of the wire. Just put the wire side up, cut to fit and hot glue it to your angel. Instant angel wings.

By Yvette from Dallas, TX



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By Elgie [5]12/13/2009

I need a picture, too, please. Do you mean between wired sides or middle of the piece you have cut off. then what do you do?

By Gloria Hayes [18]12/09/2009

I am so lost after the cut through the middle in a scalloped way part, then the wire up part throws another bump. Can you please post some pictures, or try to explain where even someone like me could understand?

By ilovesophie [20]12/09/2009

Oh, I get it now.

By ilovesophie [20]12/09/2009

I'm not getting it; could you display a photo, please?

By Lisa from Lena, WI. (Guest Post)11/11/2008

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! We have been looking for an easy way to make butterflies. This will be great. My kids are 4 and 7, we tried to make the wire frame wings and cover them with pantyhose but it was too hard for them. This will be perfect. We will have our butterfly Christmas tree yet! Thank you.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [441]11/10/2008

Another cool way to to take about a 6" by 6" square of netting, tule, or lace.
On the diagonal, or up the middle of the square, thread some thread or crochet thread and leave an inch or two at each end.
Either draw them up and tie them, then tie them to the neck of your angel...or tie them, cut the ends off, and glue the tied side to the back of the angels shoulders/necks.

If you choose the first, you can cover the thread with ribbon, then make a nice bow on the neck in front.

If you do the second, you can tie the neck with ribbon before you hot glue it to the neck, then decorate the ribbon with a button, gem, or drop of glitter glue.

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